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A step back in time

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    I think people that are re-enactors would be the first to run for the hills should a real war ever take place near them.

    Re-enactments are sickening to say the least. Are we going to re-enact the Vietnam, Korean or the Iraq war?

    Glorifying a mass killing is now way to honor our fallen.

    I can understand your comment Old Clunker. I'm no civil war reanactor. But I believe that since it was a war that happened on our soil, these people may have ancestorial relations to the war.

    I drove through middletown on friday afternoon, and could probably see a boost to middletown's economy...especially the handy mart type store next to the battleground.

    Yeah I don't think I would wan't to be in a foxhole and have to count on those fruities(not all of them are fruits but I have had experience with them and am playing numbers) to have my back. Why the double pic of the dude with smokers stache that may have played naked leap frog in the late sixties? Earlier there was a nice pic of my friend Ronnie from Danny's concessions here. See you soon Ronnie and I am sure to oblige a beer and a shot of Jack for one of those awesome loaded sausage and peppers subs! And also shendoah1 looping the country market with a handi-mart was blasphemous. I know you like pulled pork and theirs is pretty good. If you got pulled pork from handi-mart it would maybe be from Argentina.

    A few seconds later and the pics are straightened out.

    Yep a bit blasphemous of me saying that. I have been in the country store before. Look like good grub behind the counter.

    You'd be surprised how many of these guys are combat veterans from Vietnam Nam, Grenada, Panama, the Gulf, etc.

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