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Posted October 22, 2012 | comments 4 Comments

Front Royal: Vote on election change delayed

By Alex Bridges

FRONT ROYAL -- Town elections appear heading to November.

But Town Council on Monday decided to postpone any action on the proposed changes to Front Royal's charter. Council held a public hearing on the proposed changes to the charter, one of which seeks to move elections from May to November in the even-numbered years.

Council members then voted unanimously to postpone any action on the proposed charter changes to their Nov. 13 meeting. Members did so out of courtesy to Councilman Eugene R. Tewalt, who could not attend the meeting. Tewalt had advised council of his pending absence at a previous meeting.

Town Council has sought to move elections to November in an effort to increase voter participation. The town also could save money by coinciding its elections with those held in November at the county, state and national levels, officials have said. Members' concerns fell on whether to hold the elections on the even or odd-numbered years.

Councilman Bret W. Hrbek noted after the meeting that members face an early December deadline to approve and forward the proposed changes to the town's legislators in time for filing with the next General Assembly session.

Before members voted, Councilman Thomas H. Sayre tried to amend the motion to postpone action, seeking to change the language of the elections from even to odd-numbered years. Mayor Timothy W. Darr advised Sayre the amendment as proposed did not fit the postponement motion. Town Attorney Douglas Napier concurred with Darr.

Council also held a hearing on a proposed change to the town ordinance pertaining to yard sales. No one spoke at the hearing. Council voted 5-1 on the first reading in favor of the proposal which regulates yard sales on individual parcels.

However, Councilman Daryl L. Funk explained he voted against the changes because he felt the town was imposing more governmental regulations on residents, particularly renters.

"We are increasingly a community of renters and I believe that often that segment doesn't feel that it's taken care of," Funk said. "This regulation will be disproportionately impact them greater than everyone else."

Hrbek expressed unease with the proposal but acknowledged a need for equity in the town's restrictions.

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    I'm amazed by how much Mr. Sayre, an attorney, gets the legal points wrong.
    Mr. Funk is concerned for renters while home owners and renters face paying for more than one special refuse pick up and restrictions on the number of bags and large items because landlords were taking advantage of special pick ups to clean out rental property after renters left a mess.Charge the landlords. That's one reason they charge their renters a security fee. But, let's look out for renters having yard sales. I now leave myself open to the criticism of the nitpickers.

      “Postpone to a certain date can be amended.” Link: http://www.robertsrules.org/motions.htm

      “The subsidiary motion to Amend when applied to the main motion: takes precedence over the main motion … “ Link: http://www.robertsrules.org/rror-02.htm#11

      “11. A Main or Principal Motion is a motion made to bring before the assembly, for its consideration, any particular subject. It takes precedence of nothing -- that is, it cannot be made when any other question is before the assembly; and it yields to all Privileged, Incidental, and Subsidiary Motions -- that is, any of these motions can be made while a main motion is pending. Main motions are debatable, and subject to amendment, and can have any subsidiary [12] motions applied to them … “

    From Robert's Rules For Dummies,

    One big rule for using amendments is this: An amendment must be relevant (or, as Robert's Rules describes, "germane") to the motion it seeks to amend. You use
    amendments when you want to change the wording of the motion under consideration, NOT MAKE AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MOTION.

    The amendment has to be relevant to the motion presented by striking out words and-or inserting new words, not changing the ENTIRE motion to something new. Duh.

    I did not know you could get a law degree simply by attending home school.

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