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Posted October 1, 2012 | comments 3 Comments

Firing range proposal dropped

By Alex Bridges -- abridges@nvdaily.com

A Linden gun store owner withdrew plans to open a shooting range near New Market after neighbors contacted Shenandoah County officials with concerns about the proposal.

Virginia Pistol LLC sought a special-use permit to operate a small pistol range training facility on a vacant, wooded lot at Moreland Gap and Woods Chapel roads. The gun store operators hold classroom firearms training and wanted to build a firing range on the site for its students. The permit application, submitted by Leslie Land-Fravel and Jimmy Don Johnson, indicated the business planned to build a 40-foot by 40-foot shooting range surrounded by berms and eventually a roof and partial walls. The structure would lie roughly in the center of the nearly 5-acre site surrounded by trees.

The Shenandoah County Planning Commission had scheduled to hold a public hearing on the request at its meeting Thursday.

Johnson, in an email sent Friday night to county Zoning Subdivision Administrator Joyce Fadeley, stated he wanted to withdraw the application for the permit. That morning, Johnson asked Fadeley by email what additional steps he needed to take, if any, prior to the hearing. Fadeley replied he did not need to make any more preparations but she noted in the email sent Friday morning "on Wednesday and Thursday I received a number of phone calls from citizens around the Moreland Gap Road/Woods Chapel Road area that are not in favor of a pistol range in the vicinity of their neighborhoods."

Johnson did not respond to messages left Friday on his business voice mail or an email for comment.

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    Shenandoah County can purchase old stores and convert them in to unneeded Social Services Buildings, build a structure in an industrial park and have to set on it for years, spend millions on an old school in Edinburg for delinquents and untold millions on a regional jail we don't need nor should the taxpayers have to foot the bill.

    It's time they construct a shooting range for the public to utilize as every time you shoot a gun on your own property you have a nosy deputy showing up to see what is going on.

    Now that someone wants to construct such a facility you have so called residents (probably move ins for Northern Va or weekend home owners) complaining about the proposal.

    i agree with old clunker and i may be bias being a student of Virginia Pistol. I feel training locally would keep money local rather than driving to northern Va or west Va to go to a range. i also believe training and practice makes the memory in time of need better. Its wrong that we take better care of criminals in jail and let our work release prisoners(that run wild) than we do our own citizens. Think about our police officers and sheriff deputies where do they go how much tax paying dollars go to them having to go to a range out of the county to quialify.

    It looks like County Zoning Subdivision Administrator Joyce Fadeley IS AGAINST THIS HERSELF SINCE she mentioned receiving 'complaints' against this proposal. She should HAVE NEVER mentioned receiving ANY complaints to this person. That is NOT HER JOB to do so. It is up to the Planning Commission to decide one way or the other if he applied for a permit and wish to proceed like it looks like he wanted to do by calling and asking questions. She should never put in 'her 2 cents' concerning ANY application.
    BY doing so, she is influencing the outcome. MAYBE there weren't ANY complaints? WE WILL NEVER KNOW!!!!

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