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Posted October 2, 2012 | comments 7 Comments

LFCC to offer adult-ed program

College awarded grant for GED prep classes

By Kim Walter -- kwalter@nvdaily.com

Lord Fairfax Community College has been awarded a grant to operate Adult Basic Education programs in the northern Shenandoah Valley, effective this month.

Chris Coutts, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, said LFCC only learned of the change this week. The community college's Adult Basic Education program will combine the Northern Shenandoah Valley Adult Education and the Page County Adult Education programs.

"We're still working in close partnership with the area school systems," Coutts said. The grant will provide services in Clarke, Frederick, Page, Warren and Shenandoah counties, as well as the city of Winchester. The individual school systems will still control most aspects of the classes and their location, he added.

"This is a regional approach, but we want to respect the footprint of what's been done before," Coutts said. Some aspects of the program may be expanded within the budget, he said.

"Traditionally, LFCC has done college classes, and things dealing with career readiness," he said. "Adding this piece certainly compliments what we do."

The program will help community members of all ages prepare to take the GEDs, a test that if passed certifies that the taker has high school level academic skills. Before beginning the program, participants will take an assessment, which will assist them in realizing the amount of time they'll need to devote to the classes.

"This is very much dependent on the individual," Coutts said. While some students may need a few weeks, others may need to spend a year in the program. Other factors can contribute, like jobs, other classes or family responsibilities.

Coutts said he's noticed that the number of people wanting to get their GED is increasing, because it can lead to better opportunities for work or continuing to high education.

"One thing we pay attention to is the number of people going through this program successfully, so that we can help them follow a specific tract that will be part of a career pathway," Coutts said. "In this economy, there are a lot of people looking to be a part of this kind of program, and I only see that number increasing in the future."

More information on the program will be available on LFCC's website, but Coutts encouraged those interested to contact the college.

"We've got our courses for credit and transfer, we have our middle college program and work force preparation ... this really fits neatly with our mesh of opportunities," Coutts said. He added that there's no specific tuition for the program, but the cost will depend on the time taken to complete it.

"A lot of the work is self-paced and depends on the student's personal goals," he said. "This program is designed to be flexible."

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    It's about time they allow ADULTS to take this course. My daughter went in and they said NO because she was to old for the course. Adults are never to old to want to get there GED... Hope this grant is put to good use and the adults that want there GED now can.

    My daughter graduated from high school 4 years ago. She has been searching for classes to teach her how to become a licensed nail tech. Of course no one teaches a class that a normal person who want to better themselves. Why isn't there programs at Lord Fairfax that doesn't require you to study for a degree. How about a class that teaches you how to start a small business. How about a adult reading class, or a typing class for adults, maybe a computer class, or anything that doesn't require you to have to take 10 different class just to learn how to run a daycare, these are life classes. That is what is needed life classes. how about a class that teaches something that will get you a better job than a cashier at Wal-mart. It is impossible to provide a home for a single mother making $8 an hour. We need classes that will teach you how to build a better life for yourself through basic self help classes.

      trulyblessed: I believe they do have some certification classes at LFCC, where you do not have to take a huge amount of classes. I havent looked at the website in a while, but i believe they have things like autcad, wastewater technician, welding, etc.

      DMC: i agree with you there should not be an age limit on getting a GED.

      trulyblessed, check out their work force page http://www.lfccworkforce.com/ for more information on certification/license classes. Also the schools main page will address the certificate courses that are much shorter than the 2 year degree period. Also, the school offers many classes that address novice computer skills up thru advanced computer courses, many offered online.

    shendoah 1 thank you for the information. I went to the web site to find the certificate class and I clicked on General Education and read the purpose of the class. Sounded good. Then I looked at the classes offered for that class and it was a JOKE. College Comp l & II, History of World Civilization l&ll, Math for Liberal arts, College Success Skills, ect. Just to be a customer service person, or retail sales person. it still want 33 credit. To me its all about the money they charge not the information they provide. What ever happened to common sense education. Maybe they ought to offer that class. I would be happy to teach that class. $$$$$$$$$ thats all they see.

    Wifffleur, Thank you for your information. I will check it out.

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