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Posted October 5, 2012 | comments 5 Comments

New defendant, new defamation lawsuit filed by kennel owner

By Joe Beck

Frederick County kennel owner Russell Ebersole, fresh off winning a defamation lawsuit that awarded him a total of $30,000, is back in court suing a Berryville woman linked to the defendant in the earlier case.

Ebersole filed a complaint Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Harrisonburg accusing Sharlin Oren of defamation and seeking a total of $3.7 million in damages.

The complaint describes Oren as a friend and associate of Bridget Kline-Perry of Purcellville, the defendant in the first lawsuit.

The complaint states that both women communicate often through Facebook and other social media sites that were the focus of the suit against Kline-Perry.

The complaint extends allegations Ebersole first made against Kline-Perry to Oren, accusing her of spreading falsehoods online that led some customers of Ebersole's Aberdeen Acres Pet Care Center in Stephenson to stop doing business with him and discouraged prospective customers from choosing the kennel for their dogs.

Ebersole's complaint also states that the allegedly defamatory statements caused him to suffer "damage to reputation and standing in the community, embarrassment, humiliation, and mental suffering."

The alleged defamation led others to believe that "Mr. Ebersole in his business conduct is a con man, a 'monster,' a dog abuser and lacks the training and certificates necessary or proper for his profession," according to the complaint.

The complaint includes allegations that Kline-Perry and Oren decided on Nov. 28 to wage a campaign against Ebersole and his business that included contacting the animal rights organization PETA. The goal was to obtain PETA's help "in staging demonstrations in front of Aberdeen Acres and generating media attention negative to Mr. Ebersole and Aberdeen Acres so as to deter Mr. Ebersole's business and 'help' the police prosecute Mr. Ebersole," the complaint states.

The complaint does not say what response, if any, PETA, gave to their overtures.

The complaint states that Oren was a customer of Aberdeen Acres but has not done business with the kennel since 1998. The complaint accuses her of writing a defamatory letter on Nov. 29 to Kline-Perry. The letter was "to be posted on Facebook and emailed to various news and media outlets and politicians," according to the complaint.

The complaint further states that Kline-Perry posted Oren's allegedly defamatory letter to her Facebook, page, "a page with 5,000 likes at the time."

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    Good for this man. It is time for people with a chip on thier shoulder to take responsibility for the things they say and do. These chatty women will think twice before they try to blab to everyone and their mother about a local business. I hope he wins.

    Give that woman some kibble's and bits, she may like it behind them kennle bars.

    Beware if you liked one of these women's facebook pages. He will be after you next. Didn't he once try to sue the FBI?

      And "where there's smoke, there's fire". Sure hope this won't discourage people from coming forth to help animals if and when they suspect that they are being abused.

      Our laws do not spend a lot of time on these non-voting animals, I've learned, but I keep on trying to help them anyway.

    "damage to reputation and standing in the community, embarrassment, humiliation, and mental suffering..."

    I would like to Thank Mr. Ebersole for all he's done for our community but it sure looks like he already did the damage all by himself.


    Maybe the people of Winchester should sue him for embarrassment, humiliation, and mental suffering to our community!!

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