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Posted November 16, 2012 | comments 6 Comments

Dog with embedded collar euthanized, owner charged

Daily Staff Report

Warren County deputies took a female pit bull to be euthanized on Oct. 1 and later charged the owner with animal cruelty that causes a pet's death after they found it running loose with a collar embedded in its neck, a sheriff's office spokesman said.

Lt. Gordon Foster said a deputy was called at 2:53 p.m. on Sept. 30 to investigate a report of a dog running at large with a large amount of blood around its neck near the Brinklow Trailer Park off of Strasburg Road. The blood was found to be coming from a collar that had been allowed to become embedded in the dog's skin, Foster said.

Foster said authorities took the dog to a veterinarian to have it euthanized the next day.

The owner, Joshua Wayne Peck, 23, of Front Royal was charged on Nov. 10.


    Put a very tight collar around his neck, put him in a cell & throw away the key!

    I concur, Mena. I'll go one further and add that they should put a choke collar on him and chain him up so he can't move at all! The way some people mistreat their animals makes me sick. There should be a better process before anyone is allowed to own pets. However, we all know that he'll get a fine and be out to get another poor animal to abuse!

    It makes me ill reading this article. I hope he does serve jail time and is prohibited from owning another animal for the rest of his life! (I know that is not punishment enough!)

    Hearing these stories makes me furious! And we who care about animals must speak up whenever we see an animal in trouble.

    A few years ago, on a bitterly cold November day (right before Thanksgiving), I noticed a large brown dog chained to a tree (on my street). All day long she barked and pulled at that chain: no one came. As evening approached and the temperature drop, I couldn't stand it any longer and went to her. She had no food, no water, no shelter and limited mobility: I gave her both and called the police. Fortunately the officers were concerned too and managed to get a cell phone number of the renter and "owner" of this abandoned animal. This person had been busy partying all day and obviously annoyed to be bothered but shocked to get a call from the police.

    Wish this story had a happy ending, but like so many abused, neglected animals - it doesn't.

    Within two days this dog was gone. I investigated and found out that she was taken to the pound and destroyed. Her name was Lucy and she was a gentle, sweet animal who needed some love and attention: I still think about those pleading eyes.

    Unseen they suffer
    Unheard they cry
    In agony they linger
    In loneliness they die

    This is the plight of many animals, including those that are chosen as food.

    Should have euthanized the owner

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