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Posted November 14, 2012 | comments 10 Comments

Former deputy pays fine for hunting violations

By Joe Beck

One of the two former Warren County sheriff's deputies who was charged in the wake of an investigation into accusations of illegal hunting in the town of Front Royal has paid a fine, effectively ending the case against him.

Records in Warren County General District Court show that Bradley Pugh, 34, of Front Royal, paid fines and processing fees Tuesday totaling $332 on three charges filed against him by state conservation police.

Pugh was one of three deputies who resigned two days after the hunting violations were reported Nov. 3. Front Royal Police Chief Norman Shiflett said town police Capt. R. Clint Keller called investigators after discovering the three may have been hunting near his home.

Shiflett said department officials decided to pass the investigation to conservation police to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest left by law enforcement officials from one agency investigating another agency with which they have frequent contacts.

Pugh was charged with unlawful, hunting, trapping or fishing without a license and failing to properly dispose of a deer carcass.

A second defendant, Michael A. Robinson, also of Front Royal, still has a court appearance scheduled for 10 a.m. Dec. 4 on a charge of illegal hunting, according to court records.

Capt. K.C. Clarke, a conservation officer with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, said Tuesday his agency undertook the investigation after being notified of possible hunting violations by a member of the Front Royal Police Department.

Clarke said the agency determined that Eric Ramey, a third deputy under investigation, was not involved in any violations and therefore no charges were filed against him.

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    Just how do you pay the fines BEFORE you are convicted? Just asking. Something is wrong with this picture.

    Its called pre-payable fines!! Nothing wrong with the picture.. He wanted to pay the fines and move on with his life!!

    "Failing to properly dispose of a deer carcass" ? Sounds like these guys were just out shooting for fun. Whatever the excuse, I'll never understand the THRILL of killing animals.

    They all make me sick!

    I've seen deer carcases laying on the ground with just the tender loin taken out. There are too many people that need food, for this to be happening. The crock pot does wonders for meat.

    Its a shame to see this.

    nvdaily never reports whether the alleged hunting included the discharge of firearms. Assuming the hunting included the discharge of firearms, and assuming this happened within town limits, how can this not be reckless handing of firearms? Class 1 mis, I believe, with hefty fines and jail. None of this measly $300 slap-on-the-hand business.

    the 3rd deputy, I'm not sure why he resigned. I guess he was followin suite with the other 2.

    dischargeing of firearms: I guess we do have bow and arrow, guess that is not firearms! I've seen people with rock and sling shot that if they hit the animal just right, it could fall to the ground.

    I've seen some deer up on high knob and skyline drive that I believe deion sanders could maybe catch, not sure if he could tackle though (but thats another story with sanders being in the hall of fame)

    Serious, Brad has to pay a fine, what about other punishments? These poor excuses for law officers are suppose to enforce the law and then break the same laws and get a fine!!!! Game laws call for these charges to a 1 year to life suspension of owning or possessing a firearm, was that enforced at all. At any point in time these guys could have went through the process of hunting legally in town limits with a bow NOT A FIREARM, several people in the town, including some officers, have taken these steps. You have to attend a safety class, pay dues and then qualify, unless they were scared they couldn't quailfy. Why should these guys be above the laws and punishment because they carry or did carry a badge. This is just another example of exactly how messed up the justice system really is!!!!

    According to Front Royal police, archery is considered a 'firearm' in the Town of Front Royal.
    Unanswered questions like, did this hunting occur after dark?
    Wouldn't prepaying a fine be an admission of guilt?

    Another BIG unanswered question is committing a game law violation you are to give up you right to possess a firearm, IF that was enforced how can these guys still be called to testify in cases if that cannot carry a firearm? It is law that an officer must be in full uniform to testify and also to make a traffic stop, etc, now how will that work?

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