Large stockpile of arms seized


^ Posted Nov. 26

Police: Road rage incident leads to warrant; area man held without bond

By Joe Beck

Law enforcement officers called in the Army and arrested a Front Royal man on Thanksgiving after finding 30 guns and an estimated 25,000 to 30,000 rounds of ammunition stockpiled on his property.

"There were weapons stored everywhere," Detective Sgt. Jason Ryman of the Front Royal Police Department said Monday in describing what authorities found while executing a search warrant at the home of David Anthony Boles, 47, of 271 Wooded Lane.

Boles is being held without bond in the Warren County Adult Detention Center on three charges - a convicted felon in possession of ammunition or a weapon; failure to stop after an accident and possession of marijuana.

Front Royal police and the Warren County Sheriff's Office said Monday more charges are pending, and their investigation is continuing.

Ryman said there is no sign so far that Boles was plotting any crimes as he acquired the the guns and ammunition. Instead, Boles appeared to be what Ryman described as "an avid collector."

Nevertheless, a Front Royal police officer and Warren County deputy who executed a search warrant at Boles's home on Thursday were sufficiently concerned with what they saw to call in a bomb technician with the Virginia State Police and later an explosive ordinance disposal unit from the Army's Fort Belvoir.

Authorities found what they first suspected to be live military grade explosives at the home, Ryman said. A later investigation by the Army concluded that the devices were harmless mortar casings and mortar tips of the type sometimes found at gun shows, Ryman said.

Ryman said local, state or federal investigators were at Boles's house from about noon on Thanksgiving until 11 p.m. Friday trying to sort through the firearms and ammunition.

He said the list of guns seized during the search included handguns, revolvers, semi-automatic firearms and assault-type weapons.

"There were ammunition and firearms in almost every room of the house and the outbuilding," Ryman said.

Authorities say they also seized more than 100 marijuana plants in various growth stages.

Authorities say Boles's arrest was triggered by a hit and run road rage incident in the area of Randolph Avenue and Happy Creek Road on Nov. 21. Ryman said Boles and the driver of the other vehicle pulled off to the side of the road, where words were exchanged and Boles tried to hit a male passenger who was standing outside the other vehicle. Instead, Ryman said, Boles missed the passenger and hit the other driver's vehicle.

Ryman said Front Royal officers Aaron Mariano and Kevin Orndorff later pulled Boles over and noticed some ammunition magazines in the vehicle that required further investigation. Meanwhile, Boles was released on secured bond, according to authorities.

Authorities obtained the search warrant after discovering that Boles had previously been convicted on federal weapons charges in the late 1990s and served several years in prison, Ryman said. He said Boles was arrested a second time at his home on Thursday and has been in custody ever since.

Anyone with additional information on the case is asked to call Ryman at 636-2208 or Lt. Gordon Foster of the sheriff's office at 635-7100.

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Sounds like a loose cannon to me. No pun intended. But if he were really dangerous, wouldnt he have shot the passenger or at least pulled a gun?

I don't remember the article saying the man had an actual gun in his vehicle at the time of the traffic stop. The article said "in possession of ammunition or a weapon". That tells me he may not of had an actual gun in the vehicle, but more less just the ammunition. Let's be thankful that we have officers such as Mariano and Orndorff who take the extra initiative to pursue a situation such as this and the knowledge of how to carry it out properly. By the sound of the article, with all of the ammunition and drugs this man possessed, I can see how this story could have ended without a positive ending. Thank you to Mariano and Orndorff and all others who contributed for an outstanding job. I don't think people really realize what our law enforcement do for us to enable us a peaceful sleep at night.

He's just got a little hobby. He's as sane as you or I. Don't you have 30 guns stashed around your house? 25,000 rounds? A slow day's target practice. Never mind about the Mary Jane, you didn't see anything!

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