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Posted November 28, 2012 | comments 8 Comments

Mercury Paper: Insurer seeks $1 million in lawsuit

Suit accuses company of negligence in 2011 fire at Strasburg plant

By Sally Voth

An insurance company is suing a truck supplier for more than $1 million following a 2011 fire at Mercury Paper in Strasburg.

Hartford, Conn.-based Phoenix Insurance Co. filed the suit Tuesday in U.S. District Court against NACCO Materials Handling Group Inc., doing business as Yale Materials Handling Corp., based in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

According to online court records, Mercury Paper is the subrogor -- defined as an entity that transfers its legal right to collect debts in return for debts/expenses, according to legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com -- of Phoenix.

Mercury Paper in Strasburg leased from Yale a lift truck, which then caught fire on Sept. 27, 2011, causing fire, smoke and water damage at the plant, the suit states.

"...A hydraulic hose on the Lift Truck failed and separated during normal use causing a severe hydraulic leak which ignited the fire," the suit states.

It accuses Yale of being negligent by either not properly manufacturing the truck, or supplying a defective truck, which it knew could be harmful, or failing to properly supervise or inspect the manufacture of it, or by not warning Mercury Paper of the danger.

Phoenix is seeking damages of at least $1 million, and asking for a jury trial.

Yale hadn't filed a response as of Wednesday evening.

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    Thats alot of butt wiping. Watch out TP is going up in price..

    Reinforced rubber hydraulic hoses fail all the time. Due to the demand, even most autopart stores stock hoses or can make custom hoses on site.

    Good luck with that lawsuit. Nothing lasts forever, even hydralic hoses, it's considered a normal wear and tear item on machinery.

    The hoses were probably made in CHINA the same country as the owners of Mercury Paper are from CHINA. Most people don't even know that fact. All they do is use our labor so they can say it was made in the USA. All materials and equipment came in from overseas and all money goes back overseas.

    All the Money doesn't go back to China! It goes to workers here that are making good money working at the plant! The same with Toyota, and other cars owed outside the U.S. . Most of the cars are made here in the US, it creates jobs, right now we need good jobs, I could careless who owns the company if you are putting food on my table. Another Shocker for you, a good number of US auto's "Ford, Chevy..etc etc are not built in the US anymore.. Currently transmissions and other parts for alot of American cars are made in Japan and shipped to the U.S. So not even American Made is " American Made anymore. Know your facts before you post next time!

    Oh I got you, so basically by looking at what you wrote you don’t own or support anything outside of this country? Well you best go get a horse and buggy and build you a cabin in the woods if you want only US Products. Mercury Paper indeed in Chinese owned, but it is creating jobs for our local area.

    On the flip side to this the people who do have those great jobs at Mercury Paper should not get used to it. It’s just a matter of years before our Unions demand higher wages, and this company too will close its doors and go back to China. Americans are greedy, that my friend is what is destroying this country and sending jobs over to other countries!

    Where I work we do a safty check of the forklifts at the beginning of each shift. It is like buying a car. You dont keep driving without regular maintenance and then try to blame the seller when something goes wrong.

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