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Two terms for Obama

By Nancy Benac -- Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- His lease renewed in trying economic times, President Barack Obama claimed a second term from an incredibly divided electorate and immediately braced for daunting challenges and progress that comes only in fits and starts.

"We have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America, the best is yet to come," Obama said.

The same voters who gave Obama four more years in office also elected a divided Congress, sticking with the dynamic that has made it so hard for the president to advance his agenda. Democrats retained control of the Senate; Republicans kept their House majority.

It was a sweet victory Tuesday night for Obama, but nothing like the jubilant celebration in 2008, when his hope-and-change election as the nation's first black president captivated the world. This time, Obama ground it out with a stay-the-course pitch that essentially boiled down to a plea for more time to make things right and a hope that Congress will be more accommodating than in the past.

The vanquished Republican, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, tried to set a more conciliatory tone on the way off the stage.

"At a time like this, we can't risk partisan bickering," Romney said after a campaign filled with it. "Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work."

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, spoke of a dual mandate. "If there is a mandate, it is a mandate for both parties to find common ground and take steps together to help our economy grow and create jobs," he said.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky had a more harsh assessment.

"The voters have not endorsed the failures or excesses of the president's first term," McConnell said. "They have simply given him more time to finish the job they asked him to do together" with a balanced Congress.

Obama won at least 303 electoral votes to 206 for Romney, with 270 needed for victory, and had a near-sweep of the nine most hotly contested states.

But the close breakdown in the popular vote showed Americans' differences over how best to meet the nation's challenges. With more than 90 percent of precincts reporting, the popular vote went 50 percent for Obama to 48.4 percent for Romney, a businessman-turned-politician. Romney had argued that Obama failed to turn around the economy and he said it was time for a new approach that combined lower taxes and a less intrusive government.

Obama's re-election means his signature health care overhaul will endure, as will the Wall Street overhaul enacted after the economic meltdown. The drawdown of troops in Afghanistan will continue apace. With an aging roster of justices, the president probably will have at least one more nomination to the Supreme Court.

The most pressing challenges immediately ahead for the 44th president are all too familiar: an economy still baby-stepping its way toward full health; 23 million people out of work or in search of better jobs; civil war in Syria; a menacing standoff over Iran's nuclear program.

Sharp differences with Republicans in Congress on taxes, spending, deficit reduction, immigration and more await. While Republicans control the House, Democrats have at least 52 votes in the Senate and Republicans 45. One newly elected independent isn't saying which party he'll side with, and races in Montana and North Dakota were not yet called.

Votes also were being counted Wednesday in the Montana and Washington gubernatorial races.

Even before Obama gets to his second inaugural on Jan. 20, he must deal with the threatened "fiscal cliff." A combination of automatic tax increases and steep across-the-board spending cuts are set to take effect in January if Washington doesn't quickly reach a budget deal. Experts have warned that the economy could tip back into recession with an agreement.

Despite long lines at polls in many places, turnout overall looked to be down from four years ago as the president pieced together a winning coalition of women, young people, minorities and lower-income voters that reflected the country's changing demographics. Obama's superior ground organization in the most contested states was critical to his success.

Obama's victory speech -- he'd written a concession, too, just in case -- reflected the realities of the rough road ahead.

"By itself the recognition that we have common hopes and dreams won't end all the gridlock, or solve all our problems or substitute for the painstaking work of building consensus and making the difficult compromises needed to move this country forward," Obama said.

"But that common bond is where we must begin. Our economy is recovering. A decade of war is ending. A long campaign is now over, and whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to you, I have learned from you and you have made me a better president."

The president said he hoped to meet with Romney and discuss how they can work together. They may have battled fiercely, he said, "but it's only because we love this country deeply."

Romney's short concession -- he'd only prepared an acceptance speech -- was a gracious end note after a grueling campaign.

He wished the president's family well and told subdued supporters in Boston, "I so wish that I had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader and so Ann and I join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation."

Obama won even though exit polls showed that only about 4 in 10 voters thought the economy is getting better, just one-quarter thought they're better off financially than four years ago and a little more than half think the country is on the wrong track.

But even now, four years after George W. Bush left office, voters were more likely to blame Bush than Obama for the fix they're in.

Elsewhere on the ballot, voters in Maine and Maryland became the first to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote while Washington state and Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana.

The most expensive presidential campaign in history, at $2 billion plus, targeted people in the nine states that determined the outcome, and the two sides drenched voters there with more than a million ads, the overwhelming share of them negative.

Obama claimed at least seven of those states, most notably Ohio, seen as the big prize. He also prevailed in Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada, Virginia and Wisconsin. Romney got North Carolina.

Florida was too close to call Wednesday morning. The unofficial count had Obama with a 46,000-vote lead, but Florida historically has left as many as 5 percent of its votes uncounted until after Election Day.

Overall, Obama won 25 states and the District of Columbia. Romney won 24 states.

It was a more measured victory than four years ago, when Obama claimed 365 electoral votes to Arizona Sen. John McCain's 173, and won 53 percent of the popular vote.

Preliminary figures indicate fewer people participated this time. Associated Press figures showed that about 118 million people had voted in the White House race, but that number will rise as more votes are counted. In 2008, 131 million people voted, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Obama was judged by 53 percent of voters to be more in touch with people like them. More good news for him was that 6 in 10 voters said taxes should be increased, and that nearly half of voters said taxes should be increased on incomes over $250,000, as Obama has called for.

Obama's list of promises to keep includes many holdovers he was unable to deliver on in his first term, such as rolling back tax cuts for upper-income people, overhauling immigration policy and reducing federal deficits.

A second term is sure to produce turnover in his Cabinet. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has made it clear he wants to leave at the end of Obama's first term but is expected to remain in the post until a successor is confirmed. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama's rival for the presidency four years ago, is ready to leave. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta isn't expected to stay on.

To the end, the presidential race was a nail-biter. About 1 in 10 voters said they'd only settled on their choice in the last few days or even on Election Day, and they were closely divided between Obama and Romney. Nearly 1 percent of voters went for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, who was on the ballot in 48 states.

In an election offering sharply different views on the role of government, voters ultimately narrowly tilted toward Obama's approach.

"We have seen growth in the economy," said 25-year-old Matt Wieczorek, a registered Republican from Cincinnati who backed the president. "Maybe not as fast as we want it to be, but Obama has made a difference and I don't want to see that growth come to an end."

Notwithstanding his victory, Obama will lead a nation with plenty of people who were ready for a change.

"The last four years have been crap," said 73-year-old Marvin Cleveland, a Romney supporter in Roseville, Minn. "Let's try something else."


Associated Press writer Nedra Pickler contributed to this report.


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    Obama gets four more years to re-define how history will remember him. Will he be like the little Dutch boy and stick his finger in the dam to stop the leak or will he become Humpty Dumpty?

      Spanky - Have not seen all results but with a quick check of the Northern Shenandoah Valley, it appears the vote was overwhelmingly Republican (Clarke, Frederick, Page, Shenandoah, and Warren - City of Winchester was very close). While the "Big Picture" does not change, it is done. We are still glad to be a part of the Valley and know it is time to move on.

    Spanky, Where have you been, my friend. President Obama has tried to repair the leak but didn't have the necessary cooperation by the Republicans. Maybe now with a wake-up call, they will try to work with the President. But I do have my doubts--after all, he still has to deal with people like McConnell.

    no brainer really. if you didn't see this coming, you were in a closet. PLEASE america, let's get together and fix this great nation. i hope everyone saw the daily news record yesterday. it showed two neighbors in h-burg with rep sign in one yard and a dem sign in the other, both had an arrow pointing to the other with "still friends" printed on the bottom. that should be all our attitudes. oh yea, good coverage n.v.d......no papers in mt. jackson at 5 am the day after a pres election. jeez.

    I have had the NVD delivered to my front porch since I was a child, early in the morning. My daily routine starts by walking down my long driveway to my paper box to get the NVD, first thing every morning. But now that its printed in West Virginia instead of in Strasburg, the paper doesn't come as early. Went down at 5:30 a.m., in the cold and dark, no paper. Went down at 6 a.m., no paper. And since they incorporated their new billing system, they take the two checks I send and apply them to my account, instead of one that come to my house, and one that comes to my mother's house--so my mother hasn't had a paper since Thursday and the only time I can talk to them to get it straighted out is to call them during work hours, because if you leave a message after hours, they will not call you back.

    What changed from yesterday to today? Nothing, and that is my expectation for change in the next four years, nothing will vastly change.

    This country is in debt up to its eyeballs ($12,922,741,407.27 in interest on debt outstanding), Portions of the Social Security trust funds will be exhausted by 2016 (http://www.ssa.gov/oact/trsum/index.html), and our job outlook is up and down like a yo-yo.
    Our current leaders have done little to resolve any of these issues.

    Obama is still in the White house, the Democrats still control the Senate, and the House is still controlled by the GOP. My only hope, these individuals will work together to resolve our domestic issues, but my bet is not much will get accomplished over the next four years.

    Folks can argue and play the blame game all they want, that is not going to improve our situation. I suspect we will continue to see more of the same from Washington.

    The Republicans are still running a campaign based on the 1960's when the country was more white and not as diverse as it is now. The Democratic party has recognized the changed demographics in the United States. They are more in tune with women, Latinos, blacks and other minorities. Until the Republocan party widens its base and makes a sincere effort to address the things of concern to these groups they will remain second best.

    How can impeachment even be talked about, when the president just got the majority of the votes for presidency? I would say this about any politician just voted in whether republican/democrat.

    Thank goodness its finally over. Now I hope that all the people that had so much passion on this blog will turn that passion and energy toward their local community. The reality is that for our lives to really change, it must be at the local level. We no longer we depend on State or Federal support to help run our our local governments. We need to look at how we can bring new living wage paying companies to our communities. We need to have good people with a new vision to run for local office and we need people to vote. Maybe local elections should be moved to November during even years would help with more people aware and voting. I am an independent voter and believe that both parties have lost touch with the people they are suppose to represent. I would like to see both county and town/city elections to be non partisan races at the local level only. Think about this. We could vote for the best person and what they stand for and not the party line which might not even apply to the local interest. Just imagine what we could do with the money that was spent on this election was spent in our communities instead.

    Jane 8, You said: "Obama didn't have the necessary cooperation by the Republicans."
    BUT I didn't see him cooperating OR compromising with THEM EITHER!!!!

    So please don't lay ALL the blame on the Republicans. HE was just as HARD HEADED as everyone!!!!!

    Blood banks are busy in Shenandoah County today from all the Teabilly slit wrists.

    sore are a bunch of sore losers in here today.

    One can only hope the GOP obstructionists will stop holding America hostage in their misery of loss again.


    Best wishes to " Our President and First Family ." We are proud of you all.( From : Hedgesville, WV.)

    I spent the evening with Nate Silver's prediction map and watched as CNN filled in his blanks exactly as predicted and when it was finally called I changed channel to see the puckering I knew was to follow on Fox Spews and was justly rewarded with Megan Kelley's pronouncement of Obama winning because his camp portrayed Willard as a "vampire" among other things, followed by Rove's attempt to deny Ohio's choice despite the GOP obstructing the vote.

    There is much to be learned. The GOP went after the Older, Male, White vote and by all exit polls, they received it. But its not enough to win and will never be again. America is changing. A couple Fox Spews strategists were already denying the facts by saying Willard was too Moderate to capture the vote, while one smart cookie confessed the mistake was in letting the extreme right Teabilly section become the face of the party instead of just harnessing their enthusiasm.

    Rape commentators were sent packing, States voted to allow equal marriages, and if* I read it last night one state even sent all women to Congress. Our country is moving Forward. The GOP now has to decide to embrace the evolution of our country and try to find the compromises to be had or keep fighting tooth and nail against it and continue to lose where it matters most.

    Ronbo44, exactly correct. Exit polls show votes cast by whites for Obama 39%, blacks 93%, Hispanics 71%, Asian 73%. Most would agree those who vote Democrat believe it is the government's responsibility to care for all individuals whereas the Republican voter believe a person is responsible for his or her place in society. We are a country divided and growing farther apart each day. Two camps, one that wants the government to tuck them in each night and read them a book and the other that wants to write the book, sell it, and watch it climb up the Best Seller list. This country began shifting toward Socialism in the late 1950's, some could blame the influx of Dadaism and its anti-Capitalist demoralizing path or the Viet Nam war that created the largest single divisive social movement in our history. Whatever the source, be it one or many, the US is on the heels of total moral decay and God is watching.

    You know, no matter how many times the "I have the ear of God" folks is proven wrong one just pops up with another way of using religion to push a political agenda with the good little sheep falling in line. Glenn (the world is ending!! buy my stuff) Beck passed to the Evangelical crowd many deceptions along the last years, but "Willard's Miracle Win" just didn't happen.


    My bet, is he already had his next sell to keep the sheep listening and buying. As the many others of his ilk.

    I'll stick to knowing what the bible says for myself and knowing the only judgement of me that matters wont come from earthly idiots that design themselves to be judge.

    Spanky, it is a total falsehood that the Republicans believe in smaller Government. Do a little fact checking and see how the role of the Fedral Government has increased over and over again under a Republican Administration. Yes, I'm glad that the Democrats have their moral compass set on all the people rather than taking care of the few at the top. They believe all people should get a fair shake regardless of their color or economic standing. They believe that making the rich wealthier does not trickle down to the middle class. Decades of this philosophy has proved that it doesn't work as the middle class has lost ground year by year. They believe that women's rights are important and government should be able to make intrusive decisions about their bodies. Fairness is a word that is not a word in the Republican vocabulary. Moral decay you call it, I call it doing what is best for all the people not just the capitalists at the top.

    Ronbo, So how do you explain this style of government to our children? Do well in school, attend college, work hard, achieve greatness, and then watch the as government redistributes your wealth to the people who never tried very hard? Yes, I would agree there are some people who need a little help but I refuse to accept that everyone on welfare deserves it. I am middle class…probably lower middle class by modern standards. I’ve had a job since I was 15 and never taken a dime for unemployment. I also served my country alongside men of every color and we never once questioned whether or not we were getting a fair shake. It’s like the kid in junior high running for class president that stands up and tells all the kids, if elected, he’ll have a free soda machine installed in the school. Government handouts are very popular but they don’t build a nation, they only soften its resolve to become greater through hard work, education, and dedication to a common goal.

      I'll answer your question with a question? Do you think making the rich pay a little more somehow inhibits that will to be successful? After all President Obama is only asking them to contribute a little more. And I just saw that Obama got most of the vote of the people making over $250,000 as he did in 2008. Guys like Warren Buffet have repeatedly said the rich should pay more.
      But again if making the rich wealthier is the cure all then why does the middle class continue to decline?

      There are welfare cheats just like the rich who hide their money in offshore investments. President Obama is for lowering the taxes of the middle class. These are working people who can and should get a break there as well as tax credits for education so more people can work hard as you say and advance themselves up the economic ladder.

      Actually people on welfare isan indictment of how miserably the top down approach has failed.

    "Whites 39%, Blacks 93%, Hispanics 71%, Asian 73%"

    Racism sends Obama over the top again.

    “Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.”

    The Fat lady has sung!!!! So get over it and move on.

    ROFLMAO, I'm willing to bet that there were a lot more racist voting for Obama than voting for Romney.
    The media makes no money painting the Republicans as average people that work hard and only loath those that don't try to help their self.

      So what's your spin on the white vote here in Shenadoah County for Romney? Around 65 % I guess. You do know the black population in this county is like 1 %?

        the Way I see it.....I saw alot of romney signs in yards and lush acreage. The 3 or so parcels in between that had no political signs were maybe more anti romney.'

        Alot of lower middle class people have more smarts then what the republican think!

        ""So what's your spin on the white vote here in Shenadoah County for Romney? Around 65 % I guess. You do know the black population in this county is like 1 %?""

        Prince Georges county MD: Obama 90% Romney 9% -with a minority population of 80%.

        Shenandoah county (or any nearby county): Romney 65% Obama 35% -with a white population of 97%.

        Why isn't it 90-95% for Romney then?
        This is similar thoughout USA. Why doesn't the media report on this??!? Oh, that's right. White people are evil and rich...

    I donate over 1% of my salary to charitable organizations. Public television, civic groups, churches, and other 501(c)3 organizations. But I control the means and where they go. I direct my gift giving, not thr federal government. That is how it's supposed to work. When I see some of the places our government has spent money over the past four years and then to see zero results from mismanagement, poor leadership, and no sense of direction it makes me sick. We cannot rely on our current government to make wise and rational decisons with our money.

    For all of those that are asking about why impeachment should take place it is because of what happened in Benghazi. Americans begged for their lives and military asked Obama permission to go in and help and he not only told them to stand down 1 time but 3 times and guess what our great president let those people die. They were Americans and it doesn't matter if they were black or white. I see a lot of racial talk in these posts but when it comes down to it we are all Americans and it doesn't matter what color we are. As far as Obama not helping those people that should have been reason enough for people not to want him running our country.

      I suppose it would be reason enough if you somehow didn't have the ability to distinguish between reality and the right-wing boobs. Every new angle the nut committee presents gets debunked Even to the point Fox Spews OWN commentators call out the other liars on air!!

      It is astounding, truly astounding that we live in a time when so much information is available within literally seconds, that we continue to have those that will parrot elephant dung like its the gospel, no matter how many times/ways it gets shown as simply a load of dung. They just move on to the next steaming pile and happily dig in forks and all, ready to parrot.

      Luckily for America as a whole, despite the worldwide laughter we have enough sanity where it counts and a POTUS with a high commitment to education.

    "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he thinks it is "fair" that he pays a lower tax rate on his investment income of $20 million last year than someone who made $50,000 annually." Let's take a look at this one...

    2012 IRS Tax Rate Schedule (www.irs.gov)

    Tax Rate Single Filers Married and Filing Jointly or Qualifying Widow(er) Married and Filing Separately Head of Household
    10% Up to $8,700 Up to $17,400 Up to $8,700 Up to $12,400
    15% $8,701 - $35,350 $17,401 - $70,700 $8,701 - $35,350 $12,401 - $47,350
    25% $35,351 - $85,650 $70,701 - $142,700 $35,351 - $71,350 $47,351 - $122,300
    28% $85,651 - $178,650 $142,701 - $217,450 $71,351 - $108,725 $122,301 - $198,050
    33% $178,651 - $388,350 $217,451 - $388,350 $108,726 - $194,175 $198,051 - $388,350
    35% $388,351 or more $388,351 or more $194,176 or more $388,351 or more

    Sorry that the chart may be a bit distorted in its' present format. but the bottom line is Romney paid about 15% on his $20M last year and according to this chart, it should have been in the 35% tax bracket and the single person making $50,000 would have had to have paid about 25% because, let's face it, someone making $50,000 does NOT likely have the tax loopholes, write offs, and off shore accounts to bring their tax rate down to 15%.

    How outrageous that someone would think that the rich should pay their actual share of the tax burden on their income just like the middle class has to. My idea for fairness on this would be to limit the amount of write offs and loopholes for high earners so that the taxes they actually pay are more proportionate to their income tax rate. How again is it fair for Romney and many others to be able to pay $4M less in taxes than what his income tax rate would be for $20M? According to the chart, he paid 15%. His tax rate on his income is 35%, so he paid 20% less than the actual tax rate for his income of $20M x 20% = $4M in unpaid taxes.

    That is $4M in unpaid taxes on just one tax return. How many other similar tax returns are filed like this each and every year? That, my friend, is what all the fuss is about!

    Bug, you remind me of me just after college, young, naive, the world this new place to explore, full of spunk and ideas to solve the world's problems. And then you find yourself in a place where death is swirling around your head like a cloud if gnats and you realize that we live in a chaotic world with problems bigger than the galaxy and you are a mere fleck of dust subject to the winds of change, helpless and on your own. And then you look back many years later and see that person and wonder how you made it this far.

      That was a lot of nonsense just to attack me. More so to condone such behavior.

      Since "I" began paying serious attention to politics the dishonesty has reached insane proportions. Mind you, going by the 2008 spiels I should be sitting in a FEMA camp right now herded off by Obama's UN reps. This election the looney toons grasped onto the deaths of Americans and drug them through the street in every attempt to blame the President they could find.

      Maybe it is naive of me to be disgusted, to be angered that these people have the nerve to call themselves patriots because they hung a little flag outside their house while they sit inside posting false videos of dead Americans with absolutely no shame for the damage they are causing. I'll be naive then, because that level of dishonesty will never be acceptable to me just to get a vote.

      Moreover, NOTHING gets done. While you have one side wanting to work through the problems we face and keep our country moving forward into the future, they are stuck running around playing damage control against "the sky is falling and its Obama's fault" retards. (Yeah, I know that's not PC, oh well)

      How many conversations didn't we have about debt/deficit because one side is too busy flinging "Kenyan Marxist Socialist" dung?

      How many conversations did we miss talking about how best to create jobs in America because one side is too busy flinging "he's gonna take our guns, religion, freedom" dung?

      WHERE would we be if the teabilly crowd wasn't so distracted by PROVEN over and over again lies??

    The republicans didn't do anything wrong. The Democrats are just such idiots they don't realize what kind of a person they put back into office. He screwed up the first four yrs and he won't fix anything the next four yrs. If anything this country will crash and burn under him.

    Bug, Don't be so paranoid. No one is attacking you. Just a simple observation.

    ROFLMAO, not sure where you stand. Your comments seem to be playing devil's advocate. Pick a side or move to Cuba.

    To all, I really, really hope this president can right the ship and get American sailing toward a new and prosperous horizon. I am not rooting against him or anyone. The country is divided, I see it on the small scale at work every day. We have serious problems and the past four years provided no solutions. The last time anyone in this country had any sense of Nationalism was on, and shortly after, 9/11. Is that what it really takes to unite us as a country? Reagan was not the best president but he was a great leader. The economy was horrible but Ronnie was able to rally the troops and Americans were proud. US Flag sales hit an all time high. Regardless of how we're doing it all boils down to leadership. People want to feel safe and secure even if their bank account doesn't reflect that sense of inner-peace. What we need now more than ever is leadership that produces continuity, pride, and teamwork for a better America. The other needs will come in time.

    Thank you Mr. (or Ms.) Censor for proving your partisan paranoia exists. While I can not say with absolute certainty you always cringe every time I post a comment, neither can I say with absolute certainty you are always fair and balanced.

    Doesn't matter - the 2 subjects I mentioned in the posting you deleted have both posted their responses without mentioning a hint of outrage over the censored post - Mission Accomplished ! (only the sensible sensibility of the NVD censor was incensed)

    BTW, you, as a newspaper that published its opinion endorsing the Romney/Ryan ticket.... have you heard the news? The tag-team of Republicans and Teabillies failed to make President Obama a one term President. Thought you should know. I'll be happy to keep reminding you until you stop forgetting.... that's what old age does to your memory. Remember?

    NVD and its evangelical fundamentalist Shenandoah Valley readers have now realized the glory days of god-fearing white folks being the political majority have come to a close. Unfortunately, our area will maintain its heritage of stubborn resistance (a la integration of schools - equal rights - women's health...) until all the resistors die of old age or population growth overwhelms their feeble voices suggesting dissenters should move to Cuba.

    One hundred, fifty years progress following the Emancipation Proclamation and recent back-to-back national election outcomes are my proof - 20 women Senators - same sex marriage approved by voters in the 4 states that put the measure to a public vote - the worst of the worst Tea Party stalwarts defeated (West - Mourdock - Akins - Walsh).

    Republicans, and especially rural Virginians, choosing to remain with the white supremacy status quo will doom their Party. America is at long last fulfilling its destiny as a nation composed of men and women who are created equal.

    In closing, there is one more NVD headline I would love to see:

    Obama Re-Elected - NVD Refocuses - Kazoo Lessons Popular


    I used to watch O'Reilly faithfully but gave up during this election, I tuned in last night curious to the "what went wrong" take. Of course the women vote was up for discussion with token Lib Bob Beckel. O'Reilly was asking why a 32 year old single woman votes Dem and a 32 year old married woman votes Rep. Mind you in typical fashion he kept talking over Beckel and never letting him finish a sentence. But O'Reilly's own commentary goes along the lines of rape crazy Republicans are not representative of the whole party but whichever crazies represent the whole Dem party.

    Well I'm slightly past 32, Married, and white (that was a topic too) and I have voted left the last two elections. To me and many other women out there on the lefter side of women's issues even if say the weeny mobile rape is another manner of conception man is from the cheese state, I'm still voting left in my own state to offset his vote. Not to mention that the right wants to overturn a Supreme Court decision, then I'm voting for the Left to place the judges. (Two this term if I understood correctly)
    Long and short, if they want that vote then they are going to have to actually listen. No talking over people, no claiming double standards, no hypocrisy, simply listen. No, everyone isn't going to agree, but you have to at least try to compromise. At the end O'Reilly did say something along those words.
    They discussed how they should have picked Rubio for VP. I don't think that would have worked like they think after the fact. For various reasons, but it is definitely in the cards to groom him for 2016. Be aware the left is grooming Castro as well. So that would be interesting.

    The African American vote, the 47% remarks were damaging, like it or not the Teabillies are damaging. If "I" were black, there is no way in hades I'd vote for the party whose followers proudly and publicly display "Go back to Africa, Put white back in the WhiteHouse" Pictorial portrayals of the POTUS as an African witch doctor, etc....Its just reality.

    Youth vote. Facts matter. Sure some 70 year olds use the internet, but a 20 year old is all over the internet, Youtube, twitter, FB, etc. Typical* 70 year old watches the news. Typical* 20 year old pulls up NY Times on their iphone or hits google or wiki real fast when they need an answer. A college student isn't watching Fox or listening to Limpy all day. So when Grandma says there is a big Benghazi cover-up, they just go find the information and think Grandma has Alzheimers is settling in.

    Either way the GOP has to accept that America is changing and to get the other demographics they need to appeal to more than "old, white, male". The social extreme fringe is going to have to be quietly hidden in the rear while a conservative economic agenda takes the stage. That's not to say they have to go left socially, just keep the nutters out of the forefront. Most importantly be willing to compromise. Its a shame the way Christie is being treated. He put his duty to those he serves first, as he should. If only they all did that right or left.

    I don't understand why people refer to the "old white male" appeal and demographics. I don't know any white people who vote based on color. I'm sure many do just as many blacks do. But all of these stereotypes are fictional images painted by the media. I don't know what drives anyone to vote Democrat...I've never asked. But I do know that Republicans vote for many of the same ideals held close by our forefathers. They see a country in moral decay. I mean seriously, gay marriage? The purpose of the human race is procreation and gay marriage doesn't accomplish that goal. The Democratic party celebrates these abysmal ideals and then sucks in the young and impressionable of the world. Talk to any teenager who will give you a straight answer and they'll tell you they like Obama because Dave Matthews likes Obama or it's hip to support gay marriage. A true Republican has values forged in tradition, morality, and fortitude. They don't bend and do not tolerate behavior that degrades our society. Go ahead, call us ignorant or closed-minded, we don't care. Our military is mostly Republican and serve every day so Democrats can practice the 1st Amendment. Yeah, maybe we're old fashioned, maybe we're a dying breed, it doesn't matter, we will not compromise our integrity for a vote. I am sure anyone reading this works with Republicans and/or Conservatives or even has close friends as such. I certaintly don't pick and choose my friends based on their political affiliations or views. I respect their choices and hope they respect mine. Are the people I know who side with Obama bad people? Certaintly not. They're great people, good friends...I just don't feel the same way they do. But I don't go around using childish nicknames for political pundits and condemning my friends for their beliefs. I've read enough stuff in these comments to understand most of the people commenting are media junkies and that will warp your mind and disables your ability to think freely.

      If you don't know people here in the Valley that vote based on skin color then you must be house bound. I know them and hear the N word when they talk about Obama. btw, Do you have any facts to support your contention the Military is mostly Republican? Actually I'm happy you and your lot stick to your out of date philosophy. It means the Republican party is going to go the way of the doo-doo bird. Read Robert Reich's article in todays NVA.

      LOL, you prove my point. "media junkies" to you, while it is almost* a given for anyone under 30 to check in to at least one media site a day.
      Woe is me..., my 14 year old claims, because "she is the only kid in school without a cell phone" ,"its not fair that the 8 year old neighbors even have cell phones and FB."
      I have literally seen just as many youtube videos that my kids came home from school with "Mom, you gotta look up so and so" because they were watching on a friends phone or even the teacher shared.

      Spanky, I don't have to embrace your realities/opinions, nor you mine or so forth. We as a country do however have to try to find the even ground between the two. We need to listen to each other and stop the dishonesty.

    It is true. Here in the Shenandoah Valley all minorities live in fear of the white majority. I am especially afraid and offended by the two-faced rhetoric coming from Spanky.

    Bug, I agree and you have my word that I will, and always have, strived to find the common good any situation. But you have to admit that the media is to blame for fanning the flames of division amongst Americans. Just look at everyone's references and journalists. I don't read political based article or listen to talk radio. I know many who do and those listeners are the worst because they are fed each day by the same rants that do nothing to help the situation, only deliver another blow to the wedge between us all. I refuse to become a disciple of the media circus.

      I fully agree. I stopped watching tv news, never listened to radio news. I do read it from multiple sources, even international on a regular basis because I do want to understand besides I actually enjoy reading.
      I just wish more people realized they are being entertained instead of informed, we'd have a lot less problems.

    ahh this racism gaggle/google/ gabble., etc. I'll have to post another day, because election day was a few days ago.

    I did vote in Mr. obama. He was relatively relative.

    The election signs need to come down wheter being Romeny or for Obama!

    Please Obozaooo, or whatever this guy nickname? I'm just wishing that My interest rates on my house go down, and that my relatives that have less money then I, get the food that they need.

    I'm just letting my dried beans sett in there water.

    i was to be done with this post, but then i read in todays paper that buckwheat, ah...sorry, spanky doesn't know anyone who voted because of color.....yea right. better get out from under that rock, you are going to lose your tan.

    Spanky, they have tissue paper at the dollar store, and it is cheap like you like it!! So get over there and dry your crying eyes as the governor, two senators, and the president are Dems, you know, the working mans' party. You must be a millionaire or delusional to have voted for the Rongmy. Thanks God that Obama won. Now everyone will be able to get health care and the system will join the other civilized nations of the world in not letting poor people die without simple procedures.

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