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Posted November 16, 2012 | comments 3 Comments

Prosecutor: Former deputies can still testify

By Joe Beck

The resignation of three deputies from the Warren County Sheriff's Office is unlikely to have a major effect on cases in which they could be called as witnesses, a prosecutor said Friday.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Nicholas Manthos said the three former deputies could still be called to appear in court against those accused of traffic and criminal offenses.

The three former deputies, Bradley Pugh, Michael A. Robinson and Eric Ramey, resigned within days after coming under investigation for hunting violations within the Front Royal town limits.

Pugh has paid fines and processing fees totaling $334 for unlawful hunting, trapping or fishing, wanton waste and unlawful hunting. Robinson has a charge of unlawful hunting pending against him.

The investigation by state conservation police cleared Ramey of any violations.

Manthos said police often are called back to testify after they have left their jobs for a variety of reasons.

"There's lots of law enforcement officers who retire or move on to different career paths and different police organizations," Manthos said.

Nevertheless, Manthos said, Warren County prosecutors will be taking a second look at cases involving all three of the former deputies.

The review will be conducted on a case-by-case basis, he said.

Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron agreed that cases involving the three will proceed with little or no difference than if they had remained on the force.

"My understanding is there is no reason to believe they couldn't be called as witnesses in their cases and testify for the commonwealth," McEathron said, adding such decisions have to be made by prosecutors.

McEathron also said the resignations will not hinder or disrupt any current investigations.

He refused to comment on whether Ramey could be hired back after being cleared by the investigation, citing the issue as a personnel matter.

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    I think the gun was jumped a little bit here. Maybe they needed to be put on leave until they all were charged. Eric could have had some other type of action taking against him thru the WCSO.

    NVD what's it gonna be tomorrow? "Former Deputies urinate in public restroom"? This story is dead, stop writing about it.. People do dumb stuff all the time in the town of front royal and county of warren... Write about that.. They did wrong, they were punished, its now over... Nobody cares anymore.... Thank You!

    Serious, Brad has to pay a fine, what about other punishments? These poor excuses for law officers are suppose to enforce the law and then break the same laws and get a fine!!!! Game laws call for these charges to a 1 year to life suspension of owning or possessing a firearm, was that enforced at all. At any point in time these guys could have went through the process of hunting legally in town limits with a bow NOT A FIREARM, several people in the town, including some officers, have taken these steps. You have to attend a safety class, pay dues and then qualify, unless they were scared they couldn't quailfy. Why should these guys be above the laws and punishment because they carry or did carry a badge. This is just another example of exactly how messed up the justice system really is!!!!

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