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Food in the classroom: Board to seek legal opinion

By Kim Walter

FRONT ROYAL -- Although the Warren County School board had approved guidelines to accompany a regulation regarding student wellness and food in the classroom a couple months ago, the document will again be revisited in the form of legal consultation.

During their Tuesday evening work session, board members learned that complaints had been sent to Superintendent Pam McInnis about the new regulations. While the person remained unnamed, McInnis said the concerns were coming from the same parent who filed complaints resulting in the creation of the guidelines.

McInnis said the parent disagreed with four of the nine guidelines, the purpose of them being to monitor what children were allowed to eat in the classroom. After the original complaints were made, an agreement was reached, and McInnis said the parent did not feel that some of the guidelines were consistent with that agreement.

"She objected to the first item, which says that teachers may use food items to illustrate learning principals," McInnis said. She continued, saying the original agreement specifically said food would not be used by teachers as a reward or learning tool.

That first guideline goes on to say that while food could be used in that manner, it could not be consumed by students during the school day or on the bus.

The parent also disagreed with a guideline that states, "Food items may be used and consumed in lessons where the use of food is integral to teaching the lesson ... Parents will receive notice prior to the teaching of the lesson."

Concerns were also raised about two items that address the distribution of snacks as "fuel" for events like field days and those during SOL testing, and snacks at the elementary school level, where principals are permitted to schedule morning or afternoon snacks, given that a list of preferred food items is provided to parents.

"This person said that food should not be used at all," McInnis said.

"I can see where there is a potential problem with the wording of two of these guidelines," said board member Joanne Cherefko. "But the other two don't imply that the food is being used as a reward or learning tool."

Board member Catherine Bower agreed, noting that 40 percent of the students in the county are on free and reduced lunches.

"Some of them are probably coming to school without breakfast," she said. "So these children that are in that situation and need the fuel ... we let them go hungry?"

Board member Kimberly Athey said she didn't see a problem with any of the guidelines, especially since many of them stated that parents would receive notification if food was to be used in the classroom.

"As far as I'm concerned, these guidelines comply with the spirit of the original agreement," she said. "We are not cutting the parent out of decisions regarding what their child does or does not consume at school."

The board agreed that parents have a right to be concerned about their children's safety, especially when it comes to food allergies or other health issues like diabetes.

"But then we deal with that specific parent on a case by case basis," Athey said.

There was no further discussion on the items regarding food as fuel, but the other two guidelines posed more questions. Athey did not agree with eliminating them all together if the wording could be tweaked.

Chairman Roy Boyles suggested that a legal opinion be sought so that the board could know if it really needed to revisit the guidelines and how they are worded.

"We need to know if the guidelines meet the letter of the law in the agreement," he said, to which the board agreed.

"I thought the whole point of this was to ensure that a child isn't consuming something they shouldn't be," Athey said. "I personally think that's what these guidelines do."

The next school board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Dec. 13.

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    Wow. Maybe it is just me, but as a mother, I do not see a in problem feeding children.Some people have it so good, they have run out of legitimate things to complain about.

    It's interesting how the parent of the child who had the allergic reaction seems to be demonized in his/her quest to get the Warren County school administration to do the right thing. If some common sense would've been in play with McInnis and her crew to start with, the school wouldn't be in this position.

    I completely understand being concerned about your child being given food if they have food allergies or an illness where their diet needs to be monitored but that really should be a case by case basis! Why should all children be basically punished bc one parent doesn't want their child being fed in schooll???? Food is a great teaching tool! Considering we are graduating kids that can't read and have kids who don't even know whats being taught in the classes they are in bc we don't force them to even pay attention, why would we do away with a tool that excited children and gets them interested and involved in the lesson being taught! I was lactose intolerant as a child so I obviously wasn't allowed to have any dairy which included the milk at lunch but my Mom got a note from my dr and so at lunch the ladies in the cafeteria just gave me juice. My Mom didn't throw a temper tantrum and make all the kids I went to school with suffer just bc there were certain things I couldn't eat or drink! They are taking again a great teaching tool away but I guess we should be ok with it since we have to be ok with the fact that they mostly aren't learning anyway! Really sad!

    the next thing you know they will be banning Crayons because one kid is color blind...

    I fail to understand why this school board always responds to the vocal minority. It seems as though common sense is nonexistent with these board members. Once again they bow to the exception instead of the rule. Why are we changing something that works for the 99%? Is this person going to expect his/her favorite restaurant to take whatever they are allergic to off the menu so they won't have to watch others enjoy it??? We need to remember this kind of foolishness when they come up for re-election.

      always_amused, the vocal minority and the school board members are related to each other. That's the problem with the town. The old locals are trying to hold onto a way of life that is incompatable with this era. This town needs to realize that those days are over. The school board needs to move on and let people with more intelligence and who are more progressive hold those positions.

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