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Posted November 28, 2012 | comments 18 Comments

Weapons seized: Warrant inventory details stockpile

By Joe Beck

A search warrant inventory of items seized at the house of a Front Royal man on Thanksgiving Day shows pages of guns, ammunition and related items that led to charges being filed against him.

David Anthony Boles, 47, of 271 Wooded Lane was charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon, failure to stop after an accident and possession of marijuana.

Investigators from the Front Royal Police Department and Warren County Sheriff's Office filed the charges after arresting Boles twice in two days. The first time came Wednesday after a hit and run incident and the second time on the day his house was searched by law enforcement officers.

The officers called in Army bomb technicians at one point after discovering what they feared were live explosives in the home. Those items, which were determined to be harmless, are listed in the inventory along with two cannons, small cannon ammunition, 30 guns and part of what authorities have estimated to be a total of 25,000 to 30,000 rounds of ammunition.

Front Royal police Sgt. Jason Ryman said the cannons actually appear to be desk top size mortars. He said investigators are unsure so far whether they were operable.

The list also includes several assault rifles, a bayonet, silencer, gun parts, a document showing denial of the right to carry weapons by state officials, and an application for restoration of rights for a non-violent offender.

The items were found in places throughout the property that included a residence and an out building, according to search warrant documents filed in Warren County Circuit Court.

The seized items were kept on a couch, coffee table, recliner chair, entertainment center, inside a safe, inside a closet and on several other pieces of furniture, according to the document.

A search warrant affidavit signed by Front Royal officer Aaron C. Mariano states that the investigation began with a report of a felony hit and run incident on Wednesday. Police had earlier described a road rage-inspired confrontation between Boles and the driver of another vehicle.

The two vehicles pulled over, and words were exchanged, whereupon Boles tried to hit a passenger in the other vehicle who was standing outside, law enforcement officials said. He missed the passenger, hit the other vehicle and drove off, according to authorities.

Mariano's affidavit states that deputies stopped Boles's vehicle in the area of 6th Street and Washington Avenue where they saw him attempting to hide a smoking device. The law enforcement officers found several ammunition clips and a new box of 9mm ammunition in the vehicle, along with a bag of leafy material that Boles admitted was marijuana, according to the affidavit.

Boles also told police that he was "strapped for cash," the affidavit states.

After checking credit card numbers and a receipt for the box of ammunition, authorities discovered that Boles was a convicted felon, according to the affidavit.

"The driver had numerous convictions for gun violations and admitted to smoking marijuana since he was 16," the affidavit states.

Authorities said Thursday the investigation is continuing. Participating agencies include the Front Royal police, Warren County Sheriff's Office, Virginia State Police, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Warren County Fire and Rescue Services and U.S. Army explosive disposal units.

Local authorities said the case could eventually be transferred to the federal government.

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    What a waste of our tax dollars! Very obviously a gun enthusiast who apparently is a non violent offender! Glad to see my tax dollars hard at work.....not!

      "What a waste of our tax dollars! Very obviously a gun enthusiast who apparently is a non violent offender! Glad to see my tax dollars hard at work.....not!"

      Criminals are always considered non-violent, until they go into a shopping mall or other public place, and gun down a bunch of innocent folks, or rob a bank and murder someone in the process. Yea, Mr. Boles is so non-violent, that he tried to physically assault a passenger in the other vehicle.

      Bob McSmith is right. The guy is a convicted felon, that means NO. No guns, No clips, No bullets, and No drugs. I wonder what Mr. Non-Violent was doing with a silencer?. What was he planning to do with that?

      It seems this Bozo didn't learn his lesson the first time. Maybe a few more years behind bars will open his eyes.

      Tw, The guy had weapons stashed in the furniture. A silencer? 25k rounds?? I think he was a danger. Should the police have waited untill he took 15 hostages or went on a shooting rampage at the Mall? Thank you Warren County Police. My hats off to you guys....Oh before you guys say I'm a gun-hating liberal, I own weapons but mine are legally owned. THis guy makes all gun owners look bad.

      I don't understand why you think it is a waste of tax dollars. He has been convicted in the past on gun charges. Please reread the story. Felons are not allowed to own guns.

    What a waste of our tax dollars! Very obviously a gun enthusiast who apparently is a non violent offender! Glad to see my tax dollars hard at work.....not!

      Doesn't matter, he is a convicted felon and in Virginia (along with most, if not all states) a convicted felon can not own a firearm, period. He could be a great guy, but with a felony conviction having a BB gun would have gotten him in trouble. Having a house full of weapons, that's gets you federal charges. Tax dollars put to good use.

    Hit and run seems pretty violent to me...having guns AND a house full of weapons and ammunitions seems rather STUPID to me...and very, very ILLEGAL.

    True gun enthusiasts OBEY THE LAW. Convicted felons who secret caches of weapons and such in their homes, perform spineless--and illegal--acts such as hit and run and who knows what else (that might go undetected) OFTEN SKIRT THE LAW with intent. This was a PERFECT, LEGITMATE use of tax dollars, in my opinion!

    Yep, it's the law...he shouldn't have broken the law. On the flip side, it sounds like the laws that were violated shouldn't have been laws in the first place. Sadly, the only way those can be changed is by lobbying your congress-critter. I wish the NVD would have printed the entire inventory, not just the salacious items like the "assault rifle" and novelty desk-top cannons that are basically adult cap guns.

    I'm not sure what this guy was into, but in the world of antique firearms, some ammunition is quite scarce. If one is a collector and is presented with an opportunity to purchase a large quantity of an obsolete caliber, it would be foolish not to do so.

    Boy, I'd be in trouble if they got a search warrant for my house or for some of my friends. They call 30 guns and all a 'stockpile'? Boy, if they only knew. 30 guns is NOTHING!!!
    And Why were they allowed to get a search warrant for 'his house' when NONE of the first violations DIDN'T happen at his house. JUST because he had 'some ammo' in his car SHOULDN'T give them the right to search his house.
    Just think if you get pulled over in your car and they find something, like a knife you didn't know was illegal, and THEN they got a search warrant for your house because you MIGHT have more at your house!!!! I think that's B-hit.

    Prior NVD story said he had a marijuana grow operation on his property, 100 plants. Personal use? Needed weapons to protect his inventory?

    Absolutely legal and worth every penny of tax dollars! First, John you would not be in trouble unless you too are a convicted felon in posession of firearms. The search warrent was obtained for the house because of probable cause. He, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, etc. with previous gun charges, had ammunition and clips in his vehicle. Given his felonious history, the probablitity of him having the firearms to go along with the clips/ammunition in the car is very high.
    Let's see, felony hit and run, road rage, attempted assault, leaving the scene of an accident, posession of controlled substance, convicted felon in posession of a firearm. All in one morning; sure seems like a stand up kind of guy to me.

    Wrong is wrong, but I just don't see the probably cause for a search warrant of a residence when it was a traffic stop and materials were found in the vehicle. He shouldn't have had weapons, but then again now days crime pays.

      "Wrong is wrong, but I just don't see the probably cause for a search warrant of a residence when it was a traffic stop and materials were found in the vehicle."

      The probable cause was based on the fact the guy was a convicted Felon, and had bullets and clips in his car. If he has clips and bullets, its likely there is a gun somewhere to go along with them.

      Since one was not found in the car, the residence is the next logical choice. Thus the justification for a warrant to search his residence.

    It is easy follow the rule of law and you will not have trouble. Karma is a B----- . I own firearms and have concealed weapons permit. I follow the law and have never had any problems with the police. (Whom I would also like to thank for their work) I do want people to own a gun who cannot control their emotions. Gun ownership is a responsibility as much as a right.

    Hats off to local Law Enforcement. They did exactly what should have been done under the circumstances. It would appear this individual has some issues. These days we cannot be too cautious. GOOD JOB!!!!!

    yeah, I mean is there ANYONE reading this who can honestly say that they don't have at LEAST two cannons strategically positioned throughout their property?

    I agree that it is a waste of tax payers money & how do you get a search warrant for a box of ammo. Really WTF! and to the ones that say it’s ok for law enforcement to search houses on BS warrants then I hope it’s your privacy they invade next!

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