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Posted November 2, 2012 | comments 13 Comments

Sex offender registrant accused of raping girl

By Joe Beck

A convicted sex offender faces new charges in Shenandoah County Circuit Court accusing him of raping and sodomizing a four-year-old girl.

Richard Owen Keller, 36, whose address was listed as 481 Stover Ave., Strasburg in the state sex offender registry, is also charged with using an inanimate object for sexual penetration and eight counts of failing to register as a sex offender.

Shenandoah County authorities said Friday that state police arrested Keller earlier this month after he was indicted and failed to appear in court. They said he has remained in jail without bond since then.

Commonwealth's Attorney Amanda Wiseley said she was withholding further information about the allegations against Keller until later court proceedings.

Online court records list the date of Keller's alleged offenses as March 23. The alleged failures to report as a sex offender span a period from Aug. 7, 2011 to June 15, 2012.

The state police's sex offender registry states that Keller was convicted of indecent assault and aggravated indecent assault on May 12, 2000 in Blair County Circuit Court in Pennsylvania. The victim in both cases was a child, according to the registry.

Keller initially appeared on the Virginia sex offender list on March 14, 2005, according to the registry. The registry classifies him as a violent offender.

Sex offenders classified as violent are required to re-register with the state police every 90 days after their initial registration.

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    What a sick piece of sh!t! These people cannot be rehabilitated and should have a special prison to house them all. If it were my child, he would never make it to trial. But he will probably not go to trial anyway because the commonwealth's attornies are lazy and plea the dirtbags out.

    Whoever takes this guy to the wood shed can count on free commisary money for life!

    This is crazy!!! No wonder i sometimes do not get any sleep. My daughters and son in other rooms. What comes over someone like this?

    They do have special prisons for sex offenders because they get hurt in regular population. Another one that needs a group of regular citizens, headed by the victim's family members, a rope and a nice tree. Oh, first some baseball bats.

    The adress is somewhere near the old mill seafood restaraunt.. I google mappped it.

    Not too much is happeing.....good night america.

    Messed up! Unfortunately not that long ago using an "object" wan't considered rape. Where are we going???http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_H._Kenyon

    I have said this before and I will say it again... If someone else holds them, I will do the cutting! After a fair trial of course. And I won't waste to much time here but I heard the intellectual guy, can't remember all of his...Chadwick something...had his case tossed by Logan. I don't know the specifics but at what point do we err on the side of caution for our kids lives? I won't share my best idea as this whole comment would be scrapped by the NVD and maybe get a knock on my door.

    I would like to be the judge, the jury, and executioner for these type of human waste, because I would garauntee you they would never ever touch another child and they would never even think about any kind of sex anymore. they would be in to much pain to think about having sex. If it was my child that this peice of waste touched I know that I would be the judge, the jury, and executioner and WE THE PEOPLE WOULD NOT BE SUPPORTING THIS TRASH FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.... This isn't no threat it is a promise ......

      I agree with you 100% but we cant take the law into our own hands. If you did, we might not be supporting him, but, we would be supporting you. We need good people like yourself on the outside to try and change laws that keep this sick trash in our society. It takes a long time to get laws changed and it seems judges keep letting people off with the minimum amount of punishment. It sickens me to think how many children have to be hurt ,tortured, and killed before our laws change and judges start imposing maximum sentencing. Our children are supposed to be our most valuable resource for the worlds future,yet our laws do very little to protect them.

    forget the trial get a rope

    The moral decay in this Country is becoming more shameful and disgusting every day. We certainly are not doing enough to protect our children. We can blame everyone (parents, the legal system, the community, the family and all the rest). However, it is the innocent that suffer forever. These people do not seem to ever be rehabilitated and should be dealt with accordingly.

    Before blaming judges for imposing minimum sentences, check out the sentencing guidelines they have to use in determining those sentences. Too often, I think judges hands are tied when imposing a sentence. They are bound by those guidelines and have to provide a seriously mass amount of justification for deviating from them.

    The guidleines are established by the legislators. The Virginia Supreme Court enforces those guidelines through each court jurisdiction. The judges will enforce the guidelines that are recommended by law. That does not mean the maximum prescribed by law. If you want harsher sentences, it is up to each one of us to demand harsher guidelines through our state representatives.

    Deeds not words! Too many poeple want to complain about what should be done, but do nothing in furthering those thoughts. However, beware of what you ask for. Harsher sentences=longer incarceration periods. Longer periods=more jail cells. More jail cells=more jails. If you're not willing to pay for the ends, your argument as to the means will fall on def ears.

    Myself, I would prefer the re-instituting of a gallows on the court house lawn. Any takers??

    First and foremost, throw the Grand Wazoo in the same cell as Keller and lose the key! "Unfortunately not that long ago using an "object" wan't considered rape. Where are we going???" Seriously?!?!?!?!?!?!? The victim is a a 4 yr old CHILD!!!!!!! And this guy assaulted at least one other child previously!!!
    Secondly, sjf - parents can try their best, and children are still at risk of the dangers in the world.
    The medical and psychiatric experts concluded long ago, there is NO REHABILITATION for these people!

      Yes, Gail, we realize that parents can and usually do try their best. Still, the greatest responbility for our children rests or SHOULD rest primarily with the parents. We have learned this all too well with our own children and now grandchildren. What an awesome responsibility this can sometimes be. There us so much out there to be aware of and consider. The children are our future and must be protected from these ANIMALS.

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