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Woman wants $1 million in Costco fall

Complaint: Stephens City resident was shopping when she slipped in one of aisles >/h3>

By Sally Voth

A Stephens City woman is suing Costco Wholesale Corp. for $1 million after she says she seriously hurt her back by slipping on a wet floor.

Sharon Croston, of 1470 Macedonia Church Road, filed the complaint against the Issaquah, Wash.-based discount warehouse in U.S. District Court on Tuesday, according to online court records.

Court records indicate the lawsuit started in Frederick County Circuit Court.

Croston was shopping at the Costco, at 251 Front Royal Pike, Winchester on Jan. 2, 2011 when she slipped in one of the aisles, according to the complaint.

"Plaintiff Sharon Croston's fall was the direct and proximate result of the negligence of the defendant which, acting by and through its agents and employees, breached its duty to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition for customers of the store," it states.

The store was negligent because it didn't clean up the spill, and didn't put barricades around it or post warning signs, according to the suit.

It describes the area of Croston's fall as "unreasonably dangerous to her."

Because of the fall, Croston herniated a lumbar disc, was hospitalized and operated on, has continued "great pain of body and mind," has a permanent disability and will continue to have medical expenses and lost wages, according to the suit.

Besides the $1 million, Croston is seeking legal costs.

Costco hadn't filed a response as of Wednesday afternoon.

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    I'm hoping this woman is legitmate with her claims! I know a herniated disc can be relatively bad.

    If there was any falsehood to her claims, I think I cold find other stores to target. I know the costco organization is so much better to therre employees and customers then alot of other chains.

      Would somebody go through surgery just for a lawsuit? Yes, she would have to go high (one million) because the lawyers will get a big share. Medical care is very expensive and that's when you are relatively healthy! This store can afford it and it doesn't sound like fraud to me.

      People have to be careful because the spills can happen and not be noticed right away. Whenever I am in a store, I always contact the manager if I see a potential problem. ALWAYS! Same is true if I see a dog in a car/truck in the summer.

      I "raise a little hell" whenever I have to (regardless of who likes it or not). If it protects some innocent animal, child or prevents injury, it's our moral obligation to speak up!

    I don't see the point of suing for one million dollars. That's a bit excessive, isn't it? She should just be awarded money based on her hospital bills and any lost income, which I doubt is worth a million dollars.

    Headlines should say women wants free ride from Costco. I really hope that they beat this in court. I work for a big chain. And the things some people would do so they could get hurt. People need the money in todays world.

      Kimberly you have no clue about this lady so how can you say that. if you must know she is not looking for a free ride. she has had more then one surgery on her back. costco said they would cover the expenses then backed out of it. have you ever had to have surgery? ever seen them hospital bills? i dont not blame her one bit for suing. she is going to have medical bills and pain the rest of her life due to this.

        Don't need to know anything about anyone who feigns an accident for money. If Costco said they would pay for the hospital bills and then backed out, there is something going on that is not being told in the article. Let's see how this plays out in court, but I will say I would have to side with Costco on this just based on their reputation.

    might be suing for 1 mil, but will probably end up with just of 250 thousand.

    .....i'm hoping that this didnt happen during the free sample time. Can we adjust the matter to all this. I'm just delegating my time to this....AMen

    1 million is not that much to ask. It does not say how old the lady suing is, but if she cannot work and she was making $30,000 a year 1 million will not take care of her the rest of her life. She will have no insurance , no benefits, nothing to retire on. If she was hurt and Costco is responsible then they should pay her.

    maybe they could hire her as a Greeter!

    I have to go with Costco with that also! "lets fix what is wrong and go from there".

    If I lived in a closer radius to Costco...I would join and shop there all the time. We'll alot of time. It would cut my time shopping at the other food lion type stores.

    What have we become.....???

    The short-term pain of a fall can be bad enough. A lingering INJURY that REQUIRES surgery due the negligence of another deserves reasonable compensation. If a spill had occurred that Costco had not had time to respond to their culpability is minimal.
    I once slipped on a pistachio nut hull I didn't see when walking away from the checkout line in a store. I did not fall but suffered muscle pain as a result of the slip. I reported it to management right away, both for their knowledge and my benefit. I was fortunate that the pain from slipping was only temporary.
    People don't normally walk through spills they see. For too many people, all they see when they look down is lots of themselves. I have no idea if this woman is small or extra large or somewhere in the middle (if she is extra large she would probably have been riding in an electric shopping cart) but if she does happen to fall into the catagory of oversized it could play a part in Costco's defense.
    I wouldn't want to be the one to make a fraudulant claim. These companies and their insurance carriers have investigators for such cases and they tend to be tenacious and thorough.

    I am sorry but items will be broken and spills happen folks. Just use common sense and look out for these things. I see too many people looking for a free ride in this country. It's time you take responsibility for yourself and YOUR actions. Her own negligence to see the spill caused her accident, not COSTCO.

    I'd like to be one to sit on this jury.

    Lots of comments from readers who dont have many of the details of this incident. Companies should be held liable for there negligence. If it was you who was hurt, you would want compensation as well. And if this lady is wrong and filing false claims, she will get what is coming to her. And for those of you who say 1 million is excessive, as a 30 year old father of 3 small children, 1 million would keep us is the lifestyle that we are accustomed to through my working for 20 years. I would be 50 years old, broke and no hope of a financial future.

    Let's just give everybody a warning card at birth: "Careful! Things you do may harm you throughout your life."

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