Steak restaurant chain's newest location ready to serve

^ Posted Nov. 15

By Sally Voth

Northern Shenandoah Valley residents have another option if they're in the mood for a steak dinner.

Texas Roadhouse opened at 113 Market St., Winchester, on Monday.

Managing partner Chad Strosnider said the steakhouse is right in front of the Target and Lowe's stores.

"We've been doing really good business the last few nights, and everybody seems really happy with the steaks," he said.

While the doors opened to the public this week, some deserving diners were served last week.

"We fed all the local fire departments in Winchester and the county," Strosnider said.

According to a Texas Roadhouse news release, the firefighters ate what was cooked up by the new staff during training.

The restaurant also raised money for charity last weekend. Friday's beneficiary was Faith in Action, which drives frail and sick seniors to doctor's appointments, and Saturday's was the family of a Richmond Texas Roadhouse employee who died last month.

"We raised a bunch of money for [Faith in Action]," Strosnider said. "We wanted to make sure that we took care of [the late employee]. It was very, very successful."

About 175 employees have been hired, according to Strosnider, and applications are always accepted. He said the restaurant can accommodate about 260 diners.

According to its website, the Louisville-based steak restaurant has nearly 400 locations in all but three states, with the first one opening in 1993.

Besides steaks, the menu features salads, chicken, pork, seafood and burgers, according to the website.

"We hand cut all of our steaks in-house," Strosnider said. "We can cut any size steak you want. Fresh baked bread. Coldest beer in town. It's definitely something else. We line dance every hour on the hour."

Texas Roadhouse is open 4-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 4-11 p.m. Friday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday.

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I know where all the money is....up in winchester.

I've eaten at the H'burg location and this is by far the best chain steakhouse anywhere.

No one looks at putting a place like that here in Front Royal. Or does the council ever try to get places like that around here.

The business also has to decide to set up shop in a particular location. It's not solely the responsibility of council to get a new business in town. All things are taken into consideration-demographics, money, etc. If a certain locality is lacking in those areas then the locality will not be considered as a potential location for that business.

Don't assume that Winchester "has all the money." I think that has a lot to do with the fact that Winchester is very much a bedroom community.

Front Royal could of had a place like that, a Logan's Road House. Not sure if anyone remembers, but one was scheduled to be built at Crooked Run Center at I-66 and 522, where there is now another bank and a dollar store.

Logan's pulled out of the center, I believe citing the water/tax fiasco that was going on at the time. Front Royal/Warren County could attract a lot more businesses, if they would provide tax incentives for new businesses for the first few years of operation, but I doubt they would ever do that. They couldn't stand to let a dollar go by.

Eat local! Joe's steakhouse has two DELICIOUS locations - Woodstock & Front Royal!!

Try Joe's - We have eaten many times in Front Royal and several at the Woodstock location. We think they are GREAT! The food and service have been very good. We have yet to have any complaint with our meals.

I've eaten at Joe's, it was okay, but the portions are too small for the price. A handful of salad, a few pieces of bread, and a 10 oz steak for two people@80 dollars was a little pricey.

Comparatively, I can get all the bread I want, salad, one shrimp cocktail, and two 18 oz porterhouse steak meals for the nearly the same price.

Gotta go where I can get the most bang for the buck.

I had the fish and chips (fries) a year or so ago at Joes in woodstock, I thought it was good.

Of Late Las Trancas up on the hill in woodstock has been my favorite place to eat. Good meal for the price. If you like hot sauce, get the hot sauce that they has great flavor.

I agree. I ate at Joe's in Woodstock on Valentines Day a few years ago and for the price it wasn't that great. Got the prime rib, very fatty.

If you want prime rib that is tops around here you have to go to Flyng W in Burlington WV. I make the trek once every 4-6 mos. About 1hr and 20min from Strasburg. Remember though, rib steaks are fatty! That is what makes them the best. If you get too much fat compared too tissue, it was not cut right.

As far as Joe's, I don't think the food is even close to a Roadhouse. I like the hometown feel of Joe's but I would not drive to Hag. Md. to go to Joes as I have many times before for Texas Roadhouse. And "the coldest beer in town'...well put your beer in the freezer before you drink it just like I do. It's the crack one - replace one system. Alcoholic science at work.

Just heard that the ladder truck went out. Wonder if their trying to get Diana off the ledge after all of this sickening, morbid and disgusting conversation of meat consumption. And there goes the fire alarm again.

Ice cold beer from the freezer, I'm sold on this restaraunt already

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