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Warren County Democrats targeted

Party asked for added police presence on Election Day after messages, gestures

By Sally Voth

With hostile messages and gestures directed toward the Warren County Democrats' Main Street Front Royal headquarters in the past month, the party asked for an added police presence on Election Day.

"Yesterday morning, we came in at 5 o'clock in the morning, and there was a police officer there, and he was taking off these pictures of this alleged aborted fetus," party Chairwoman Molly Snyder said Wednesday. "I'm not even sure it's a real picture. It's just ugly and horrible. On it, it says, 'Abortion The Democrat's Choice.'"

The photo, which shows a bloody, decapitated infant head, was stuck on the glass door in front of a cardboard cutout of President Obama. Snyder said the picture was on three of the headquarters' windows, at 216 E. Main St.

A Mitt Romney sticker was also stuck on the door, she said.

This is the third time anti-abortion materials were left at the office, according to Snyder.

"They don't just do it to our office," she said. "They do it to the Daily Grind across the street. They put it on the pole."'

Other businesses and an unrented office were also recipients of the materials, Snyder said.

The Democrats' building was first targeted in early October, she said, and during a pro-life march the same month.

"When we came in [after the march], there was a bunch of pro-life propaganda thrown in the vestibule of our office," Snyder said. "I just can't figure out what the point is. Is it to intimidate me -- because that's not going to work."

She wondered if the person leaving the pictures was trying to get her to change her views.

"You don't change my mind, get into my heart by sticking up this disgusting, vile picture," Snyder said.

She said the party contacted Front Royal police after the first incident, and said she was pleased with the department's handling of its concerns. The department also was asked to do extra patrols Tuesday.

"I wasn't afraid because I didn't think the people of Warren County would do that, but I did have some members who were afraid," Snyder said.

The headquarters has been targeted in other ways, with everything from people going by and booing -- which Snyder described as innocuous -- to people driving by and pretending to point a gun, to others saying cutouts of Obama and the First Lady would be "good for target practice," she said.

"It's hard to be a Democrat in Warren County, but you know what, winning makes it all worthwhile," Snyder said.

On Wednesday, Front Royal Police Chief Norman Shiflett said no permanent damage was done to the building.

"We didn't really work it as a crime," he said. "We took the information. We would consider it to be a nuisance complaint."

Cpl. Steve Mauck confirmed that police responded to the party headquarters at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, and for a similar complaint on Oct. 10.

Shiflett said the police department monitored polling places and Democratic and Republican headquarters throughout the day and evening.

Contact staff writer Sally Voth at 540-465-5137 ext. 164, or svoth@nvdaily.com


    Its definately a catholic State in part of the W. County! I'm not sure why its so eccentric that way. Do we hear about this up in Arlington and frederick county? Not sure why?

    and I mean fairfax county....

    Well I'm glad NVD reported on it this time. Its a shame that an honest discussion can't be had without some stooping to the lies and horror style vandalism.

    @Shen HLI Headquarters, that's why.

    Let's see, anti abortion tactics. Lies, and horror. What about the fact abortion is legalized in a state and in the same state, if a person injures a woman who is carrying a fetus, and the fetus dies that person can be charged with murdering the unborn child. Yet, a woman can go in to an abortion clinic and kill her unborn child by abortion and does she get charged with murdering an unborn child, no. Some of our laws are just plain stupid. How can this be right?

    Considering the cause is about killing humans a few nuisance calls are to be expected thoughout america. Though not tactful, it's no different than the libs OWS or peta smearing blood on restaurant walls.

    The last several comments are off topic, you are talking about abortion but this is not an abortion clinic! Just because someone is a democrat does not mean they support abortion. This is also not a surprise considering the location. Front Royal has more than its fair share of narrow minded, backwards thinking people.

    Mary anne, is it really that hard to figure out?


    common sense isn't the forte' of the Catholic/human life international bunch is it?

    PS: it is nothing new to the anti abortion crowd to kill or destroy property to prove that they are "pro life". AFAIC The AOG is not welcome in America.

    these people are a buncha busy body wackjobs with way too much time on your hands.

    Shendoah1 - its not hard to figure out. There is a cult operating out of Front Royal. Maybe you've heard about them - the Christendom College. The Christendom College people are different from any other Catholic group I've ever seen. Their entire world revolves around abortion. They have been brainwashed into thinking that this issue is more important than all others combined. These people are mentally unstable, and they serve as soldiers of HLI. They are no different from any other cult that brainwashes people in order to get them to behave the way the leaders of the cult want. I find it ironic that none of the people in this cult seem to care about priests abuse of children. If only they would spend 1/10th of the energy into the priest abuse scandel as they do imposing their beliefs about abortion on others....

    mvcytoys: My earlier post on this article. we'll I think it was late at night when I posted it! Christendom college/seton home school/human life intern.....al. I guess they all fit into this somehow.

    I'm married, and if we were expecting. Abortion would be definately not be in our minds. I could never fathom giving up on a future son or daughter. But these signs/ literature, ect, seemed a bit threatening.

    Well, I think Ms. Snyder is right -- abortion is "ugly and horrible." And "disgusting and vile."

    And gruesome, and as painful for the baby as it is for Ms. Snyder to have to look at its consequences. And the sign **was** right, "Abortion is the Democrats' choice." I find it stunning that a party ran, and won, on a platform of unlimited, promiscuous, free, irresponsible, taxpayer-supported sex.

    No wonder it hasn't changed Ms. Snyder's mind -- not yet, anyway. But there will be time to contemplate the life of the young unborn in a quiet, non-political moment. And many women -- and even bullying boyfriends shoving them towards the abortionist's door -- **have** changed their minds when they realize the vile horror that abortion inflicts on their unborn child.

    Both political parties need to contemplate the consequences of fifty million abortions in the past forty years. Is our country better off? Do you wonder where all the people went -- why we need tens of millions of foreigners to fill in the void in the workplace and as consumers? Unfortunately, they send their earnings home to a foreign country. Too bad it isn't kept here to help our economy. But that is just one more unintended consequence of abortion.

    On a personal level, is your love life more intimate, more joyous, more devoted because you can "choose" this ugly, horrible, disgusting and vile dead-end option for your baby if your birth control doesn't work? Are you really happier now, knowing that one-third of your children's generation has been killed?

    Shame on those who violated private property rights to post these apparently accurate images. And, since we're in Virginia, shame on all those black folks who sat in at the lunch counters down South during segregation, violating the private property rights of the owners, as well as the decorum of the fine white folks who had gathered to dine in peace.

    I'm sure the nonviolent sit-ins didn't change those Democrat minds then, either. It took a long time.

    Well, they've changed them now.

    And ask yourself -- wasn't it worth it?

    I reiterate>>>>these people are a buncha busy body wackjobs with way too much time on your hands.

    How about simply minding your own business and staying out of issues that don't concern you, your family, your anything.

    Your feelings are yours alone to contend with. Don't force them on others. there is not one person out there trying to force you to have an abortion. return the favor and figure out that this is not a theocracy, this is not a "christian nation" and it never will be.

    were this a "Christian nation " god and or jesus would have been mentioned 500 times in the Constitution......

    freedom isn't about YOU, freedom is for ALL to chose for themselves.

    Time to look deeper than you "feelings"...... Take out the troops part and like it or not, you are Fred Phelps.

      These issues concern every person living in the United States they are very much every persons business. I get really sad when I hear and see all the liberals trying to cram their beliefs down the necks of families and individuals who don't share their views. What about their rights ...their right to choose?? Liberals don't seem to mind too much where they paste their Gay Marriage, Gay Rights, baby killing information, and their Obamacare garbage. Look at what happened recently with the Chik Fil A someone exercised their freedom of speech and they were ridiculed one mayor even said he wouldn't let a Chik Fil A be built in his city all because the views that were shared were conservative. Why is the conservative always punished? If you so much want to have your view then why can't I have mine? There is an unspoken rule in this country its free speech as long as its liberal, anything that deviates from that script and weighs in on the side of conservatism is deemed as racist, cultist, hate talk, suppressive. Its really disgusting that our country has stooped to this level. We have murdered millions if not billions of unborn babies in this country due in to large part to the Planned Parenthood CULT... that brainwash countless of expecting mothers every year into thinking that instead of carrying a baby that the mother is carrying a choice, and a burden. Life is not a choice its a Gift that God gives and that we have no right to put an end too! It is my responsibilty as a Christian as it is for every Christian to stand up for life and to imitate the life of Christ through our own lives. No brainwashing involved people make a conscientious choice not to get swept away with the tide of the culture of death that plagues this once God Fearing and God Loving country and live a prayerful and contemplative life in Christ. I am not trying to force anyone into to believe what I believe but it is my responsibility to share the Truths God has given, with others. God gave us free will, so what you do with the Truth is up to you.

    no one is punishing you. enough with the Christian persecution complex. If you'd MYOB, people wouldn't fight back against you. too much to ask...I know.
    deprogramming takes years sometimes.

    frankly I don't care how sad you are. get a grip and MYOB. your feelings are yours alone. how hard is it to figure out, >>>not everyone is you. <<<<

    I stand by my reiteration above.

    "These issues concern every person living in the United States they are very much every persons business."

    No it doesn't. it concerns the person who wishes to chose. it's that simple. No one is asking you for anything. you can't wait to force your way in though can you?

    As I said, the AOG is not welcome here.

    So if what a lib does with their body (and another humans body inside them) is not the govts business, then why is paying for your healthcare my business??!?!

    Why is it that these people constantly talk about "liberals cramming their ideals down everyone's throat" when the only whining I hear is from these right wing nut jobs. You can whine and moan all you want but the world has moved on, most people could care less about what you think and the recent election is proof. Crawl back in your hole.

      Ah, the world has moved on.

      Virginians could once choose to own slaves. It wasn't anybody else's business.

      But the world moved on.

      Virginians could once choose to send Negroes to segregated schools. It wasn't anybody else's business.

      But the world moved on.

      Virginians can now choose to abort their babies.

      And the most effective way to inform that choice is to show them the picture of their baby inside them.

      Now it **is** somebody else's business: that baby has a stake in the decision too.

      Could that explain why Democrat leaders oppose showing women the same ultrasound picture that the abortionist uses when he removes the little child from her womb limb by limb?

      Could that explain why teachers union leaders oppose teaching the facts of unborn life while they "cram" their students (who must attend, it's mandatory) full of condoms and lies about how birth control will always work, so they can start having sex right away, with no worries?

      Could that explain why Democrat leaders oppose parental notification when the school nurse refers the 15-year-old Middle-Schooler to the Planned Parenthood abortionist?

      And could that explain why Democrat leaders support that little girl getting that abortion for free (i.e., at taxpayer expense)?

      Will Democrat leaders let that little girl see the picture of her tiny baby?

      A lot of Democrats don't agree with their leaders on this, but they vote the party ticket anyway. Same with Republicans. But the Democrat Party leadership has been somehow captured by a bunch of sex addicts. It's bizarre.

      I think the world is ready to move on, all right. But Democrat Party leaders are dragging their feet. But causes have effects. And bad causes have very very bad effects.

    Isopod Lover, you are so right - everything you say, is the truth. However, liberals have a very hard time with the truth. Too much fog. Words, therefore, have very little effect. I pray for them, try to be compassionate and understanding, but not sway from by beliefs, of course. But words do little more then send a few ripples in the pond. But pray that one day, they do see the light. Fight for the rights of the unborn, where you can - and the world will move on. Unfortunately, you are also right about the consequences. Heaven help us, God bless America.

      Well here is a "truth".

      The Rape-ublicans were sent packing.


      Virginia and America went blue.

      Go ahead, act like little children intent on destruction of private property, you only serve to show others just how screwed up you people are.

      Thank GOD for cities! And the Catholics with their head on right that voted BLUE!

    Once again we are witness to the religious faithful determined to enforce their religious beliefs upon others, negating the separation of church and state doctrine.

    All religions promise immortality. Some reinforce this promise claiming infallibility accompanied with song and dance, some with threats of hell. In this regard, catholics, and baptists, and all the other religions are identical tyrants.

    One recalls the question that was asked by the Chinese when the first Christian missionaries made their appearance. If god has revealed himself, how is it that he has allowed so many centuries to elapse before informing the Chinese?

    Many of the divisive conversations humanity has endured and overcome were due to religious bigotry trying to control what society was permitted to believe. Many religious based issues of 50 to 100 to 500 years ago are today deemed settled as time after time the religious dogma was overcome by knowledge of the real world as these examples may serve to demonstrate:

    · Science was not allowed because its discoveries conflicted with religion's myths. Settled - today science explains those mysteries not solvable by religious beliefs.

    · Evolution was denied because it contradicted the unknown writer of a work referred to as Genesis. Settled - evolution is demonstrable, but a small minority of die-hard religious fanatics still fight the idea, their argument wholly based on religious dogma, not evidence or logic or reason.

    · Dark skinned people were regarded as inferior humans destined to a role of servitude to light skinned people. Settled - all men are created equal.

    · Mixed race marriages were regarded as abominations against religious teachings. Settled - mixed race couples are everyday ordinary.

    · Homosexuality was championed to be made a felony punishable by imprisonment and/or death. Settled - homosexuality is now recognized as a normal occurrence in many mammals, but now the religious nut cases are against homosexual marriages. The nut cases will loose this argument also.

    · Abortion was shunned as the inevitable outcome of female promiscuity enjoying sex for non-procreation purposes. Settled - birth control made family planning possible and desirable.

    The ascent of man has always been impeded by the needs of religion to suppress knowledge exposing the myths of religion.

    Knowledge is, and will continue to be, the demise of religious influence on the everyday man. Religion is merely magic wrapped in a red bow that preys on and promotes ignorance of the world around us. Religion can not see the fine grained structure that is obscured by the blindness of faith. What other artifact of humanity from the Bronze age do we hold in high regard today? Knowledge is the power that dooms religion to the dust bin of history.

    Again, how shall we reckon the harm done by dirty old men and hysterical spinsters, appointed as clerical guardians to supervise the innocent in orphanages and schools? The Roman Catholic Church in particular is having to answer this question in the most painful of ways, by calculating the monetary value of child abuse in terms of compensation. Billions of dollars have already been awarded, but there is no price to be put on the generations of boys and girls who were introduced to sex in the most alarming and disgusting ways by those whom they and their parents trusted.

    "Child abuse" is really a silly and pathetic euphemism for what has been going on: we are talking about the systematic rape and torture of children, positively aided and abetted by a hierarchy which knowingly moved the grossest offenders to parishes where they would be safer. Given what has come to light in modern cities in recent times, one can only shudder to think what was happening in the centuries where the church was above all criticism.

    But what did people expect would happen when the vulnerable were controlled by those who, misfits and inverts themselves, were required to affirm hypocritical celibacy? And who were taught to state grimly, as an article of belief, that children were "imps of" or "limbs of" Satan?

    Sometimes the resulting frustration expressed itself in horrible excesses of corporal punishment, which is bad enough in itself. But when the artificial inhibitions really collapse, as we have seen them do, they result in behavior which no average masturbating, fornicating sinner could even begin to contemplate without horror. This is not the result of a few delinquents among the shepherds, but an outcome of an ideology which sought to establish clerical control by means of control of the sexual instinct and even of the sexual organs.

    "With or without religion you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, it takes religion.” Steven Weinberg, Nobel prize winner physicist.

    Religion poisons everything.

    Don't try t confuse the argument. You're failing.

    I gonna guess you're a "conservative" who is for ending "the entitlement" society, ending welfare to help the poor, the homeless or the mentally ill.

    Don't act like you care about these people later in life. Once they are forced to term, you'll turn you backs.

    Again, the best courser in a free country is to mind your own business and STFU. not one abortion affects you or any other citizen of this country just your feelings. Go pray.

    if your god was so worried about abortion, he'd have come back by now. reality!! not fantasy and "faith" as neither have any bearing on reality, science and actual free thought.

    I know you power mad "feelings" followers listen about as well as an imam in pakistan, but wake up already.

      You are contradicting yourself Wondering.
      You confirm that abortions are about the money, declare it's your personal business, and want everyone out of it.

      Then, why should I be concerned with your health care insurance? If for economic reasons I don't want to pay for your healthcare why can't I let you fend for yourself? (just like the unborn)

      There is NO DIFFERENCE!

      ...and for the record, I don't need to take care of a human just to keep them from being murdered.

        actually I'm showing you your hypocricy.

        you want YOUR way, after that you could care less if they starve to death.

        there are repercussions to your "One" way. this is why your "feelings" shouldn't be involved in law.

        the ministry of vice and virtue are NOT part of America

          I've already pointed out earlier that murder to avoid starvation is still murder.

          You didn't answer my questions either: ***"If there is no god and killing babies for ecomomic reason is ok then why don't we just kill the poor, homeless, and mentally ill too??

          What is the difference or downside athiest?"***

          If a parent chooses to let their child starve to death then they can go to jail.

    "lifesagift1 -- jsblak -- isopod -- username",

    As you finesse your justification for religion as a co-equal partner (or should that be a superior partner?) with state control of society, I would like to propose a few conversation starters for your thoughtful consideration:

    Among your many convictions, do you believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute?

    If it were to be shown conclusively that Moses and Jesus and Mohammed were mythical figures, and their "books" man-made and not god-made, would all our moral dilemmas not be exactly what they are now? Or would you consider this news a personal tragedy?

    Why did heaven leave the human race to suffer and die alone for the first one hundred thousand years of its existence, and only decide to intervene in the last few thousand years, and then only in illiterate and barbaric regions of the Middle East? Why omit Orientals? Why omit the New World Americas?

    Does discussion of personal religious faith belong in the public square?

    Do you believe the function of state is incomplete without the guidance of religion?

    Is it possible that any god kills family members in order to reunite them with loved ones later on?

    Do you think secularism can provide moral authority (as religion does for its adherents)?

    Can you name an ethical statement or action, made or performed by a person of faith, that could not have been made or performed by a nonbeliever?

    Do you agree that religion causes sexual repression and ignorance that is harmful to children?

    Do you think religion's cultural contributions have outweighed the tribal conflicts it has provoked?

    Do you believe there is a biological or psychological basis for religious faith?

    A spurious but still popular story goes that on his deathbed, Darwin recanted the theory of evolution and embraced Christ. Why do you think this story became popular? Does this say anything about our society?

    Do you believe an atheist could be elected president of the United States?

    Should political speeches include the phrase, "God bless America"?

    What do you make of the idea that religion gives people "bad reasons to behave well"?

    Does atheism provide us with any "good" reasons to behave well?

    Do you agree with the central paradox at the core of religion that the three great monotheisms teach people to think abjectly of themselves as miserable and guilty sinners prostrate before an angry and jealous god while also teaching people to be extremely self-centered and conceited by assuring them that god cares for them individually and that the cosmos was created with them specifically in mind?

    Does religion poison everything?

    Obama carried Virginia. Virginia voters also voted for a democratic senator. I think these two race results are directly related to the VA General Assembly's passing of radical abortion laws earlier this year that impose on the rights of woman. Women are fed up with politicians that are passing laws that restrict their choices for health care. I believe that these two races would have had very different outcomes, had the republican party abandoned their stance on abortion. Sooner or later - they will figure this out, and change their platform. Until that time, they will continue to lose in elections they would otherwise win.

    HOW can the heading for this article be: "Warren County Democrats targeted"
    IF like she said:: "They don't just do it to our office. They do it to the Daily Grind across the street. They put it on the pole."'
    And then said: "Other businesses and an unrented office were also recipients of the materials."

    The Democrats would have been the targets IF THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES who got this propaganda. But they weren't according to her.

      Considering it was empty businesses near our office and it it said Democrats' choice, I would say that we were the ones being targeted. Also this had happened on other occasions to just our office. The protest out front on our Grand Opening and the unfortunate girl who was forced to ask the most ridiculous hateful question to Andy Schmookler. Please, it was us and it was because we were on Main Street make no bones about it.

    You gonna pull the trigger? if not you have zero right or reason to ask.

    Now, back to my question that isn't a hypothetical.

    As i said, you could care less about them after you force a women to term.

    will you allow a rapist parental rights for that forced abomination you helped make happen?

    is there any reason your felings would allow an abortion?

      It's obvious I'm not going to pull the trigger.

      You avoided the question yet again. ....and it's not hypothetical. You have two options. Killing humans before or after they become a financial burden. If you're so logical and wise wouldn't it be better to wait and see if they turn out productive before we eliminate them? (instead of killing all of the babies) Let's just kill the starving ones later. That way we kill less. (Keep the cream-of-the-crop) Would that suit you better?

    "If a parent chooses to let their child starve to death then they can go to jail."

    but you're not going to help fund any help for them to eat. (WWJD?)

    Since it is for that child YOU helped force into this world.(assumed responsibility from them) would it be ok if they stole from you to survive? (in case you haven't noticed, there aren't enough jobs to support them now, how's that going to be better?)

    Do i like abortion, of course not, but it is a necessary and viable option. One that is NOT your call to make.

    were anyone to try to impose themselves or their "feelings" into your home and freedom. you'd be the first to shriek "Persecution!!!" (example, home school religious indoctrination IE brainwashing kids)

    do you think that kid has a choice? absolute truths of that book are what they are taught. Just like any imam in Pakistan would do.


    So you are against the death penalty and war as well?"

    How "pro life" are you really?

    I'm a HS graduate. never claimed any higher education, nor have I claimed "better than anyone" I'm honestly not sure how you veered into monitary value here?

    then what I said above stands as my answer. you want to go fight to be able kill off the poor, sick ect. it'd show the lunicy of your hypotheticals.

    there is a huge difference in what you are proposing and abortion.

    you propose, collectively we start killing off the poor and sick.

    no one is collectively pushing you or anyone else to do anything but MYOB in the abortion debate. (can you seriously not see the difference?)
    your hypothetic is irrelivent. try again..

    Now,.... I ask again


    So you are against the death penalty and war as well?"

    How "pro life" are you really?"

    Where did you go Mr or Mrs username?

    Home Schooling maybe?

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