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Posted November 16, 2012 | comments 8 Comments

Winchester woman arrested in murder case

Daily staff report

A Winchester woman facing second-degree murder and distribution of heroin charges related to the July 22 death of Richard Kuit has been arrested by Winchester police.

Kimberly Mercer, 49, is accused of the murder of Kuit, 50, at America's Best Value Inn at 1347 Berryville Avenue in Winchester. Mercer turned herself into authorities Wednesday, according to a press release from the Winchester Police Department.

Kuit was found dead on July 22 from what an investigation later found to be a heroin overdose, according to the release.

A Winchester grand jury Tuesday indicted Mercer on charges of second-degree murder and distribution of heroin.


    Any death, is not good. I'm sure Richard Kuit probably had a problem. Most likely wasn't his first time with Heroine. I think often we all battle some sort of addiction's, not all illigal.

    We just need to pray for all involved.

    Free speech is relative......their site, their rules. You're doing the right thing. If I knew what business you worked in, I would patronize on principle. Ht the NVD in the way they'll best understand.....in the pocket.

    Hotel: Perhaps it is time for you to be "censored" for a while. While the NVD is a good forum for individuals to express their views and opinions, there should be a "limit" on some forms of expression. We have seen some posts from you in the past which were totally out of line. We doubt if any "rights" will be taken from anyone if you "take a break"!!!

    Once again our justice sysytem is being showed just how reliable they work.. This female has already been arrested, charged and awaiting court date, while she is out on bond or house arrest on tuesday then the WCPD puts out the word they have a warrant for her and she goes and turns herself in and it is for the same charge that she has been arrested, charged and indicted on and awaiting the court date. Now just how can a person that has been arrested, charged and indicted for be charged again for the same offense, That is double jepordy and is illegal.

    Everyone should know by now just how the media and journalisim works, it is as corrupt as our government and justice system and so many other things, it stretches the truth and everything else just to make a story sound so interesting just to get people to read it or buy the paper and no matter how it ruins a persons life, the news is just full of lies and evil anymore that it isn't worth the time to watch, listen to, or read anymore, especailly when you can't trust what is being wrote or said and with all the typagraphical errors of miss spellings makes it even worse.

    "typagraphical errors"... classic!

    "... of miss spellings..." ... Do you mean Tory Spellings?

    That is hillarious!!!!!!!!!!!!

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