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Posted November 13, 2012 | comments 7 Comments

Woman charged with murder in fatal heroin overdose

Officials: Male victim found dead on July 22 at America's Best Value Inn

A Winchester grand jury Tuesday indicted a city woman on second degree murder in the fatal heroin overdose of a man found dead in a hotel on July 22.

Winchester police spokeswoman Lauren Cummings said Kimberly Mercer, 49, is being sought on a related arrest warrant and remained at large as of Tuesday afternoon.

Cummings said Winchester police fielded a call at 8:43 a.m. reporting a dead body at America's Best Value Inn at 1347 Berryville Ave. They arrived at the hotel and found the lifeless victim, identified as Richard Kuit, 50, according to Cummings.

Cummings said a subsequent toxicology report and police investigation concluded that Kuit died from an overdose of heroin supplied to him by Mercer.

Mercer was also indicted on a charge of distributing of heroin.


    I don't understand why she is being charged. He asked for the drugs and paid for them it is not like made him do them and him overdose on them. If i went to the pharmacy and picked up my meds and I overdosed would it be the pharmacy fault.

    No it wouldn't be the pharmacy's fault dummy! There is a difference between legal drugs and illegal drugs; I hope these drug dealers pay attention because these tragedy's do happen and the dealers are being charged and the charges are sticking.

    Very sad, but I agree with Kimberly. At 50, he was responsible for his actions. Unless it can be proved the woman dealing did something to his purchase, she should not be charged with his death.

    Hmmm. I wonder if the ignorance of those in favor of the needle pushing drug dealer would feel the same if it were one of their children who may be struggling with an addiction? Instead of offering up a needle, perhaps she should have offered up a prayer. She needs to be held accountable for her part in taking the life of another human. Meanwhile, we'll pray for her mental challenges.

    Demore...Ignorance? Really? I am a well educated woman who has seen past friends and family members go down this path. Prayer does not help, pleading doesn't help, having children doesn't help. Yes, it is an addicition; but that still doesn't mean the 50 year old man's death should be on her shoulders. If she didn't supply him he would have sought the drugs somewhere else.

      Define your definition of well educated. Professional athletes are educated as well..............even though some have a hard time spelling their own names. Did your great educational palace forget to define the word illegal to you. Maybe in your world it is an undocumented drug...............we all know that means it is okay right ;)

    Mohawk Man, never once did I say she was innocent of the distribution charge. But, unless you have seen first hand what goes on in this world; you don't have a clue of what you are talking about. I for one think heroin is a very dangerous drug and agree it should stay illegal. As should meth. And cocaine. But, addiction is a very difficult thing and most people who are addicts can't get into good programs to help them. I only disagreed with the murder charge.

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