Protective order sought against police corporal

By Joe Beck

A Strasburg woman is asking a Frederick County judge for a protective order against a Middletown police corporal.

Heather Lynn Hedrick, 608 Frontier Fort Lane, filed a petition on June 3 accusing Cpl. Daniel Wayne Manili of shoving her repeatedly, grabbing her with both hands and throwing her four to six feet on May 31.

The accusations contained in the petition also state that the confrontation arose at Manili’s workplace. The petition was filed in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

Middletown Police Chief Philip Breeden said Manili has a part-time job in addition to his full-time position with the police department. Breeden said Manili has been suspended with pay while the case is being decided.

“It had nothing to do with the Middletown Police Department or his actions as a Middletown police officer,” Breeden said of Hedrick’s petition.

“Other than me placing him on suspension until this thing is settled in the court, we have no other connection to the case, other than the court’s findings,” Breeden added.

Hedrick’s petition includes answers to a written question about her relationship to Manili. One box is checked cohabit or cohabitate. She also states they were formerly engaged.

An affidavit included in the petition states that she went to Manili’s workplace after he moved out on May 30 “and he had all utilities cut off, knowing I had no way to have any of them turned back on.”

She said she met Manili as he approached his truck. He asked her to move, according to the affidavit.

“When I said no, he proceeded to push me, then finally grabbed me with both hands and then threw me back,” Hedrick wrote.

She added “he almost hit me with his truck as he left.”

Hedrick also stated that there have been earlier incidents in which Manili “punched holes resulting in holes in my bedroom as well as throwing his cell phone at me and hitting the TV.”

She said no reports were filed in those incidents.

Hedrick describes herself in the petition as a single mother of four children and a waitress.

“I cannot come up with the money to have my electric service restored,” she wrote. “All cash money I’ve made as a waitress has been spent on everyday needs.”

She said Manili’s accounts were to be used for paying bills.

The petition asks the judge to issue an order that will “prohibit further acts of family abuse” by Manili and require him to restore utility services at her residence. She also wants him ordered to pay deposits needed to restore electric, gas and water service.

Manili received minor injuries in late March when he crashed his police car while chasing a suspected felon through downtown Strasburg.

Breeden praised Manili at the time for acting properly during the chase and continued to do so Thursday. He said Manili’s suspension had nothing to do with the chase.

Breeden said state law bans police officers from carrying firearms when someone seeks a protective order against them. Breeden said the ban on firearms during the court proceeding required him to suspend Manili until the case is settled.

The case is scheduled for a hearing on June 17

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