Donut trucks feed sugar rush hour

By Ryan Cornell

Food trucks, the latest craze in fast(er) food, are supplying Shenandoah County and Winchester’s donut fix.

Strite’s Donuts sells its donuts out of three food trucks. Although the locations change each week — snackers are encouraged to check the company’s Facebook page for updates — there are a number of consistent sites, including Woodstock, Winchester, Strasburg and Middletown.

Frank Emswiler runs a truck at the latter three locations. He said he sold 14 dozen donuts to a single customer on Friday morning.

“I’m sure it was a company meeting,” he said. “That definitely busted up the record of five, three weeks ago.”

Emswiler said he makes about 100 dozen donuts a day, though there are other days where he makes up to 160 dozen. At the Highland County Maple Festival, Strite’s Donuts owner Carl Strite said they made 12,000 donuts.

Each batch takes about an hour and a half to make. The donuts are handmade from scratch in each truck. Emswiler said he wakes up between 3 to 4 a.m. each morning and opens for business at 7.

Because the donuts are yeast-based, as opposed to potato- or cake-based, Strite said they’re fluffier and lighter.

“Whenever you eat our donut you can eat another donut, and you won’t even know you ate a donut,” Strite said. “Other donuts, you feel it in your stomach. Ours, you can keep on eating ’em.”

The five base flavors the truck sells are chocolate-dipped, glazed, blueberry, powdered sugar and cinnamon and sugar. Strite said there are new specialty donuts introduced every week, such as raspberry, Bavarian cream, apple-filled, blackberry and pumpkin spice.

Strite’s Donuts started out of a single truck in Broadway in 2005, when it was making donuts for fall festivals in the area. Strite said the company started operating full time over a year ago.

The trucks only accept cash or check, but Strite said they will add a credit machine soon. He said Strite’s Donuts eventually wll expand to include a storefront in addition to their trucks.

Where: Sunoco, 443 W. Reservoir Road, Woodstock (Mondays); Carl Frye’s Housing, 3277 Valley Pike, Winchester (Tuesdays); Denny’s, 119 Hite Lane, Strasburg (Wednesdays); Liberty, 90 Reliance Road, Middletown (Thursdays); Carl Frye’s Housing, 3277 Valley Pike, Winchester (Fridays)
When: 7 a.m. to 4 or 5 p.m.
Cost: Single donut: $1.05, Filled donut: $1.25, Half-dozen: $5.25, Dozen: $10.50 (prices include tax
Call: 540-476-1654, 540-810-3070
Online: stritesdonuts.com