Fair day camp puts youth in the spotlight

By Ryan Cornell

CLEAR BROOK — Evan Lineweaver, 14, was about to leave for the bus stop in two minutes. His family had just started a new feeding program for the four lambs at their Winchester farm, and as Lineweaver recalls, they liked to jump.

Lineweaver remembers his dad walking one of the lambs toward him. As soon as he turned around, the lamb sprang up and collided against his face with its 134-pound body.

“It cut my lip and it bruised the whole left side of my face,” he said. “And I went to school looking like I just got beaten up.”

Fortunately, the bruises and scrapes have healed since the incident a couple months ago. On Wednesday, Lineweaver delivered a presentation on caring, washing and feeding show calves as part of the Frederick County Fair’s day camp.

Fair Camp Chairwoman Marietta Walls said the camp is from Tuesday through Friday for one hour each day. The camp is open for kids age 9 to 14 years old and their parents, though she said they’ve also been welcoming kids ages 5 to 8 years old. She said there have been about 15 participants each day.

On Tuesday, the campers learned about pigs, baking and flowers. Campers learned about show calves and tying knots on Wednesday. And on Thursday, kids will show off their pets at the camp’s pet show.

“All the presentations are by the kids,” Walls said. “Kids teaching kids about their projects.”

Lineweaver said the presentation is teaching him how to become a better public speaker. He said he plans to study veterinary medicine when he grows older.

Chet Boden, 10, of Clear Brook, was helping Lineweaver out with his presentation, using a show stick on a steer to illustrate his points. The first-year camper said they’ve been friends since they were both little and showing their calves at the fair.

“We’re teaching kids how to do stuff that kids don’t know how to do,” Boden said. “And learning stuff that older kids know how to do and I don’t.”

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