Music producer surpasses goal by 237 percent

Jordan Kokal, 19, of Front Royal, is using to fund his latest album. Titled “Project: Iris,” the album will consist of more than 30 tracks, spanning genres such as hip hop, trap, house and dubstep.

Kokal, who goes by Digital Pulse in the music world, has produced a few albums before, but this is the first time he’s used the crowd funding site.

“There have been a ton of other artists and musicians who have gone a long way using it,” he said. “I thought it couldn’t hurt. It’s worth a shot.”

He had set his goal to raise $200 in 30 days, which would cover the cost of the album’s artwork, promotion and mastering. Pledges from his aunt and close friends met the goal after four days. Then, his funds doubled overnight, literally.

On Tuesday, Kokal woke up to find two more pledges to his Kickstarter campaign, one of which was $200. He has no idea who the two backers are.

“I’m shocked at the response I got,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting more than my goal. Getting double that in a week, I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

He said that any leftover money from the $475 pool will go toward either producing a music video or a future album. He said he is hoping to release “Project: Iris” through iTunes and Bandcamp by early October.

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