Aerial fire truck goes into service

By Joe Beck

Fire Chief Richard E. Mabie is welcoming the arrival of a nearly new aerial ladder track at North Warren Station 10, a piece of equipment he said he believes will prove especially valuable in coping with fires in commercial and industrial buildings in northern Warren County.

The 2012 Smeal aerial ladder truck went into service on Sept. 17 as a replacement for a 1987 vintage truck that was taken out of service more than a year ago after excessive safety problems and repair costs, Mabie said.

The new truck was a demonstration model with 7,000 miles on it when it was purchased, Mabie said. The county paid $620,000 plus $25,000 for other tools and equipment, a sum that Mabie called “a great price” compared to the more than $800,000 it would have cost to buy the truck brand new.

“That was part of the reason we went with this truck,” Mabie said in an interview Tuesday. “Even though it was a demo, the sale was as if it were new. They’re warranting it like it’s brand new.”

“We feel we’ll able to get a good 20 plus years out of it at station 10,” Mabie added.

The truck, known among firefighters as a quint apparatus, comes with a 105-foot aerial ladder, an ability to pump 2,000 gallons per minute and a 500-gallon water tank. Other features include extra ground ladders, various forcible entry tools, salvage equipment, emergency medical equipment and hydraulic rescue tools.

The truck is expected to be used mainly around the U.S. 340/U.S. 522 corridor, but will also be available for emergencies throughout the county and for mutual aid in Frederick, Shenandoah and Clarke counties.

Mabie estimated the new truck will average one or two calls a day and travel an average of 2,000 to 3,000 miles a year.

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