Authorities to test jug for meth chemicals

Daily staff report

Authorities await test results of chemicals found in a jug in New Market this week.

The Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Fraternal Order of Eagles building at 135 White Mill Road around 9 a.m. Monday for a report of a suspicious container filled with an unidentified liquid, Lt. Tom Shelton said Wednesday.

Employees for a contractor working at the club property discovered the jug-like container at the construction site in the open, Shelton said. Law enforcement officers responded to the scene but did not evacuate the area because the lid had been removed and the container vented, Shelton said.

“I guess it caught their eye because it looked out of place,” Shelton said. “It had an odor.”

Investigators collected the item and sent the container with the liquid to a state lab for testing. Shelton said the tests may show the chemicals are those found in mobile methamphetamine-production labs. The chemicals also may be used to manufacture explosives, Shelton said. Investigators have ruled out that the liquid is of any “normal” nature, such as gasoline or other chemical.

Authorities don’t believe the container and liquid inside are connected to any other meth lab investigations underway in the county, Shelton said.