Fiscal conservatives spent the most in county races

By Alex Bridges

Critics of Shenandoah County government spending who won seats on the Board of Supervisors raised and spent more campaign money than their opponents.

Independent candidates Cindy M. Bailey and Marsha E. Shruntz together took in more than $14,000 for their campaigns, according to information from the Virginia Public Access Project, a non-profit group that collects campaign finance and election data. The information was as of Oct. 23, the last day for candidates to file campaign finance reports before the election.

Bailey’s opponents for District 4, Republican Steven P. Shaffer, and Democrat Emily G. Scott together raised $5,286. Shruntz challenged longtime District 5 Supervisor Dennis Morris, a Republican, who raised $5,121.

Bailey and Shruntz ran as independents when the local Republican Party in June chose not to nominate either woman. Both candidates suspended their relationships with the Republican Women faction of the party. Bailey and Shruntz, who often campaigned together, spoke out against government spending on costly projects such as the Edinburg School renovations and the regional jail in Warren County.

In spite of running without the backing of a major, political party, both candidates raised and spent more money on their campaigns.

Bailey led the regional fundraising as her campaign bringing in a total of $7,343 — $3,778 from 13 donations of more than $100 each and $1,541 from 31 gifts of $100 or less. Bailey also reported in-kind contributions valued at more than $100 totaling $1,903 and three in-kind donations of $100 or less totaling $121.

Members of the Wakeman family, who run Wakeman’s Poultry, gave heavily to Bailey’s campaign. She received $1,056 from Mike Wakeman, $302 from Galen Wakeman, $195 from Loretta Wakeman and $175 from Robert Wakeman. However, Bailey received her biggest contribution, of $1,275, from John J. Riffee, a retiree of the U.S. military. William Denman Zirkle, executive director of the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation, gave Bailey $300. Mark C. Capozella, of New Market, gave Bailey $250 and Woodstock resident Mike Czekalski contributed $225.

Woodstock business Cabin Hill Ts LLC, formerly owned by Shaffer, gave Bailey $1,632 worth of in-kind donations such as campaign T-shirts. Bailey also received $210 worth of in-kind donations from Matt Frye and $61 from Loretta Wakeman.

Bailey spent $6,047. By comparison, Shaffer spent $1,144 while Scott spent $635.

Scott raised $2,281. She received $500 from the Democratic Party of Shenandoah County and $190 from the Democratic Women’s Club. Woodstock resident Frederick A. Dorrell gave $200 to Scott’s campaign. Jim Allen Cook, of Edinburg gave $196 and Edinburg resident Luther Santiful contributed $100.

Scott reported 18 cash contributions of $100 or less totaling $1,095.

Shaffer’s campaign raised $3,005. Shaffer reported receiving $1,400 from three cash contributions of more than $100. The Republican Party of Shenandoah County in Mount Jackson gave $1,000 to his campaign. William B. Holtzman, of Holtzeman Oil Corp. and a major contributor to Republican campaigns statewide, gave Shaffer $200. Marian F. Logan, employed by Walton & Smoot Pharmacy in Woodstock, gave Shaffer $200.

Shaffer reported 15 cash contributions of $100 or less totaling $1,175. He received $180 worth of in-kind donations valued at more than $100. Shaffer loaned himself $250.

Bailey spent $4,023 on itemized expenses and $2,024 on in-kind services.

Scott reported $635 in itemized expenses.

Shaffer’s campaign spent $1,144, including $964 on itemized expenses.

In the District 5 race, Morris raised $5,121. Morris received $1,000 contributions from Holtzman and from the local Republican Party. Woodstock attorney James Allamong gave Morris $500. Robert Rosenberger, of Toms Brook, gave $400 to the campaign. Good Fund, a federal political action committee based in Alexandria, contributed $250, as did Imboden Environmental Services, an environmental engineering firm in Mount Jackson. Morris received $200 contributions from county Sheriff Timothy C. Carter and Woodstock physician Jacob Haun Jr. Morris gave his campaign $101. He reported receiving $100 contributions from Diane Dellinger, Holtzman Oil employee Richard L. Koontz, Woodstock attorney Paul J. Neal Jr., Toms Brook farmer Leon Rosenberger, Woodstock business Skyline Enterprises and waste disposal-landfill worker George Swecker.

Shruntz raised $7,366. She reported contributions of more than $100 totalling $4,950. Of that amount, $2,216 came from Shruntz. She received $1,500 from Riffee. Sunpeak USA Inc. owner Mark W. Prince, also a vocal critic of the county’s spending who sought the Republican Party nomination to run for House of Delegates, gave Shruntz $609. Shruntz received $250 contributions from Capozzella and Mike Wakeman. Gerald Talley, identified as retired and from Maurertown, gave Shruntz $125.

Shruntz reported receiving 18 cash contributions of $100 or less totaling $2,217. She also received a $50, in-kind contribution from Wakeman’s Poultry. Shruntz reported $149 in miscellaneous receipts.

Morris reported $3,249 in itemized expenses. Shruntz reported $7,139 in itemized expenses and an in-kind expense of $50.

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