Steven Shaffer, Board of Supervisors candidate Q&A

By Alex Bridges

Steven Shaffer is running as a Republican for the District 4 seat on the Board of Supervisors. Shaffer served two terms on the School Board and ran an unsuccessful campaign for supervisor.

Candidates were asked a series of questions. Shaffer provided the following responses:

Q. What would you do as supervisor to cut spending of local revenue?

A. As a team leader, I would meet with each department to learn what is truly necessary and listen to their ideas for cuts. I would also work to implement new technology to streamline tasks and implement savings.

Q. How would you as supervisor handle unfunded mandates handed down by state and federal government agencies?

A. Part of a pro-active supervisor’s role is to lobby those in Washington and Richmond against unfunded mandates. If the unfunded mandates arrive, I would look to be creative with the budget and trim everything possible before considering a tax increase.

Q. How would you spend any extra tax revenue the county may see this fiscal year?

A. The rainy-day fund has been hit hard in the past couple years. I would first look to replenish it. I would also look at reducing taxes or user fees, possibly the car sticker fee or the machinery tax.

Q. In what county government agencies or departments do you feel need spending reductions? What agencies need increased funding?

Although I have read through the budget, I did not see any immediate “red flags” to increase or decrease specific departments. If elected I will meet with county staff and department heads and through teamwork will look at needs and also for areas to streamline or cut.

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