Dennis Morris, Board of Supervisors candidate Q&A

Editor’s note: Due to an editing error, this Q&A will be reprinted in Tuesday’s paper.

By Alex Bridges

Dennis Morris is running for re-election to the District 5 seat on the Board of Supervisor as the Republican candidate. Morris, currently the board’s vice chairman, seeks his ninth, four-year term.

Candidates were asked a series of questions. Morris gave the following responses:

Q. What would you do as supervisor to cut spending of local revenue?

A. The budget process each year is where we as supervisors get input from our citizens on requests made by the various departments. I take input from the citizens very seriously before I make a decision on why I should support or not support a request. During the course of the following year after passing a balanced budget, we as supervisors take into account suggestions or recommendations we receive not only from county employees, but from our citizens as to how we can be more effective and efficient.

Q. How would you as supervisor handle unfunded mandates handed down by state and federal government agencies?

A. We as supervisors meet annually and as needed with our local state representatives and discuss issues that will impact our local budget. We stay in touch and support our state lobbing group, Virginia Association of Counties, and send them our concerns as well as resolutions and votes we take concerning funding issues. Once a mandate is sent down, we must as elected officials adhere to their requests.

Q. How would you spend any extra tax revenue the county may see this fiscal year?

A. I wouldn’t because of the following: We need to set any additional revenue that we might receive aside. We can look at using that (if needed) during the next budget cycle, future emergencies that may come up or additional state and federal mandates that may arise. We need to continue to run local government as we have for many many years — as a business — in a conservative, yet in a productive and proactive approach with input from our citizens.

Q. In what county government agencies or departments do you feel need spending reductions? What agencies need increased funding?

A. The Board of Supervisors spends hundreds and more of hours each budget cycle. We look at each and every government agency and departments needs and requests. After much discussion and public input we vote and pass a balanced budget. During the course of the following year we on a monthly basis look at the budget with a financial breakdown to see how the departments are fairing. Depending on each department we give our thoughts on increases or reductions, but most of that comes during the budget process, with input from the general public.