Marsha Shruntz, Board of Supervisors candidate Q&A

By Alex Bridges

Marsha Shruntz is running as an independent candidate for the District 5 seat on the Board of Supervisors. Shruntz is a retired bus driver for Frederick County Public Schools.

Candidates were asked a series of questions. Shruntz provided the following responses:

Q. What would you do as supervisor to cut spending of local revenue?

A. Remove all Board of Supervisor members from health insurance benefits as if they were full-time employees. They are not. I would vote no on non-productive assets such as the purchase of development rights. I would vote no to tax a man’s pick-up truck the minute he buys it before Jan.1. I will vote no to any and all proposed staffing studies. I would ask all county department managers and constitutional offices to present a fiscally responsible budget to the board. I would promote a zero-based budget process not at the margin. I would want to see employee-by-employee functions listed along with duties and man-hours necessary to complete tasks. County-owned vehicles and travel expenses should be scrutinized.

Q. How would you as supervisor handle unfunded mandates handed down by state and federal government agencies?

A. Federal and state funds are allocated to all Virginia counties. It is the responsibility of the Board of Supervisors to budget taxpayer services properly and on time. We must fund our schools, public safety, landfill duties — including trash dumpsters, and road responsibilities. The landfill methane gas project must be completed on time as mandated. Let officials in Richmond know party politics has no justified place in increasing our costs without state reimbursement.

Q. How would you spend any extra tax revenue the county may see this fiscal year?

A. What extra money? We will have to pay our imposed Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail debt due in 2015 and all other current Board of Supervisor capital improvement projects built without our vote in the last four years. We will have to pay staff to transport prisoners and fuel costs to the jail in Warren County. There won’t be any extra revenue for anyone’s “pet projects.”

Q. In what county government agencies or departments do you feel need spending reductions? What agencies need increased funding?

A. When I am elected and afforded the opportunity to do the work all Board of Supervisors members are elected to do, I will go line by line on the budget to cut waste and spending, including any pet projects. Shenandoah County taxpayers deserve a budget process to fund all support services mandated by law. I mean business here, and I will do my job.

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