Bourbon distillery to open in Maurertown

By Ryan Cornell

Borne out of the political swamp of Washington, D.C., and named after its official sport, Filibuster Bourbon has decided to age its spirits gracefully in Shenandoah County when it soon opens its first distillery.

Sid Dilawri, vice president of Filibuster Bourbon and owner of Modern Liquors in D.C., said there were a couple of reasons why the company chose Maurertown for its distillery.

“Shenandoah County is always good for doing business,” he said. “And we were looking for property that was already there, that had everything we needed.”

The 11,000-square-foot plant at 50 Maurertown Mill Road, once used by Bowman Apple Products to make apple juice and cider, will now be where Filibuster will blend its bourbon and ages it in barrels.

Dilawri said the bourbon, from Kentucky, is aged in an American cask for up to 10 years and then a French cask for 60 days. He said Filibuster is the only bourbon on the market to be aged in a French cask, which is a used Chardonnay cask from Horton Vineyards.

“It brings out the caramel and cherry,” Dilawri said about the finishing process. “The cask brings out softness, roundedness and gives you a little bit more flavor.”

He said the plant will be adding equipment and undergoing an inspection. He said that once everything is approved, the distillery could open in the next 30 days.

The distillery will be open to the public and visitors will be able to see how bourbon is processed, though Dilawri said it will be another four to six years that bourbon specifically aged at the distillery will appear on store shelves.

Filibuster Bourbon will be searching locally next month to fill three to five jobs, which will begin in January.

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