Mike D. McCool, Warren County Commissioner of the Revenue candidate Q&A

By Alex Bridges

Warren County holds a special election Nov. 5 to decide the next commissioner of the revenue. The county called for the election after the unexpected death in August 2012 of longtime Commissioner of the Revenue John H. Smedley Sr.

Mike D. McCool is running as the Republican Party candidate for Commissioner of the Revenue. McCool has run National Media Services for 33 years.

McCool gave answers to these questions:

Q. As commissioner, what would you do in your office to increase efficiency, improve customer service and save the county money?

A. First, make sure all employees in the office treat people with respect. They must be nice, friendly and helpful. The first word won’t be a “no” but “let’s see what we can do to help you.” Second, I’ll create a more customer-friendly business model approach to the Office of Commissioner of the Revenue. I’ll be flexible and responsive to the needs of all citizens of Warren County, extend hours when needed, making the office more assessable. I’ll use Internet technology to extend availability and make it easier to use the services of the office.

Q. What opportunities would you pursue as commissioner to bring more revenue into the county?

A. With fair taxes, and my knowledge of business, sales and marketing, I will attract new businesses, large and small, which will in turn help increase revenue, lower taxes, and increase the quality of life in Warren County. By utilizing my 35 years of business experience, I’ll create a business model approach to the office. I know I can do a better job and provide a higher level of customer service, with fair and equitable treatment to all.

Q. What opportunities would you pursue that would give some taxpayers relief?

Seniors face the greatest property tax burden, as they live on fixed incomes but are faced with rising property taxes. Taxpayer relief programs help seniors and disabled veterans remain in their homes and make ends meet through property tax relief. As commissioner I’ll see that seniors get that extra help they need, including house calls when necessary. I’ll work to make Warren County a great place to locate new businesses. This will increase tax revenue and help to expand tax relief to our seniors and disabled veterans. I’ll work hard to ensure that our seniors, along with everyone else, are treated fairly.

Q. Would you push to increase staffing in your office as the economy picks up, construction resumes and people buy more, newer vehicles?

A. Like in business, we all are being asked to do more with less. Government should be no different. With proper use of technology, training of staff, prioritizing work, I’m sure the office will get the job done with the existing staff.

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