Pet of the Week: After infection, Pistachio ready for new home

Cheryl Wakeman, animal caretaker at the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter, holds Pistachio, a eight-month old neutered cat that is available for adoption at the Edinburg shelter. Rich Cooley/Daily

EDINBURG — When Pistachio was brought to Shenandoah County Animal Shelter, the staff was not sure they would be able to find her a home. Very unsociable, she was not interested in interacting with anyone.

Now, animal caretaker Cheryl Wakeman can hardly prevent the 8-month-old, domestic medium hair cat from playing.

“She’s such a different kitty,” Wakeman said.

Pistachio had an infection in her uterus when her former owners dropped her off at the shelter in the beginning of March, according to Wakeman.

Only when she was spayed did veterinarians discover the infection. If she had not had the operation, Wakeman said, she probably would have died.

With a clean bill of health, Pistachio is now an active and engaging cat. She loves to play and interact with the people around her.

“She’s interested in everything,” Wakeman said.

Even when in a caretaker’s arms, Pistachio’s eyes dart around the room and she squirms, ready to find something to explore.

Her crate is kept in the front office because she enjoys being around people so much.

“She just sits by the door and chirps at people when they come in,” Wakeman said.

She described Pistachio as a regal presence, sitting and observing those around her.

Let her out of her crate, though, and she will jump from chair to chair, inspecting every object in the room. But she is always willing to push her head into an open hand to be petted.

“I could see her with kids who would play with her and keep her entertained,” Wakeman said. “As long as they can tolerate her enthusiasm.”

Pistachio does not mind being picked up and coddled, Wakeman said. Her easy-going temperament would make her an ideal playmate for children.

One aspect of her caretaking to keep in mind is her coat. Long and beautiful, the hair will require regular grooming.

“She’s all over the place, so they’ll have to groom her unless they want the hair to be all over the place, too,” Wakeman said.

Those interested in adopting Pistachio can contact the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter at (540) 984-8955.

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