Area car washes experience busy weekend

By Ryan Cornell

A line of cars snaked out from three separate lanes at 5 Star Auto Spa in Winchester on Saturday afternoon, nearly blocking the traffic on Adams Drive.

Matt Hummer, belt manager at the car wash, said busy days in the summer typically range from 60 to 70 cars. On Saturday, the car wash cleaned 104 cars in the first hour it was open, between 9 and 10 a.m.

“[A]fter every snow, pretty much once the temperature gets up above freezing, we get absolutely crushed,” he said. “Like this will probably be the busiest weekend of the year.”

Hummer said a timely car wash removes de-icing salt from the roads that can prove harmful to cars.

“At first it’s nothing more than an eyesore,” he said. “But after a few weeks, it can actually oxidize the paint…and eventually eat away at the body paint of the vehicle.”

Betty Dodson was washing her Chevrolet Tracker at Ashley’s Car Wash on Saturday. Although the Mount Jackson self-service car wash wasn’t nearly as busy as the one in Winchester, a line was starting to form behind her.

Dodson said she’s washed her car numerous times this past winter and usually comes to the same place on N. Main Street to do it.

“I always wash my car to get salt off of it,” she said. “They claim it’s hard on the paint.”

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