Jail records system costs more, still within budget

By Alex Bridges

FRONT ROYAL — The records management system for the regional will cost more than what officials approved last month but still comes within budget.

The Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Regional Jail Authority Board held a special meeting Wednesday to vote on a contract for the software, hardware and services. The board approved a contract with Interact for $290,855. That amount covers hardware for the entire facility, software and other services. The board also approved a five-year maintenance and support contract at a cost of $29,911 per year after the first year of service. The total cost of the package, including the maintenance contract for five years, comes to $410,779, Mulligan said.

Board Chairman Douglas Stanley, county administrator for Warren County, said the total package cost remains within the authority’s means. The board’s finance and personnel committee also had discussed the matter at a special meeting held prior to the full board session.

“It is within our overall budget set up for the project,” Stanley said.

The cost of the jail management package and the financial software came in approximately $3,500 over what the authority had earmarked in the project budget for the two services.

At its meeting in February, the board approved a contract with Interact for $191,192 that did not include the computers, wiring and other hardware needed to run the records management system.

Superintendent Robert Mulligan recommended the board approve the additional $99,662 so the jail could move forward on the contract with Interact. Mulligan pointed out that the amount approved by the board at its previous meeting only covered the programming needed for the system.

Jail staff reviewed the proposals submitted for the management system in the fall. GTL submitted a proposal for services at a cost of $549,486 plus $34,699 for the annual maintenance and support after the first year of use.

Shenandoah County Sheriff Timothy Carter has asked about the connectivity of the records system and whether agencies outside the jail will be able to access information maintained by the facility. Carter, who listened in on the meeting via telephone, told the board he talked with Interact representatives who explained that agencies can access information through an Internet connection. That would not come at an additional cost, Carter said. However, any service that would allow agencies to download data from the jail would come at a price beyond the contract’ scope, Carter said.

Stanley commented that sheriff’s offices likely would want access to mugshots and other data on file for inmates. The outside law enforcement agencies would not have access to jail personnel information.

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