Stephens City church announces plan for move, senior center

By Josette Keelor

MIDDLETOWN — At a Town Council meeting this week, members of First Baptist Church of Stephens City announced their intention to move the church to Middletown.

Rev. Michael Blitch, pastor of First Baptist, introduced himself to the council and announced his plans to move the church from its current location in White Post to 2425 First St. in Middletown. The building in Middletown currently houses the Meadowbrook Freewill Baptist Church.

“The closing date is in the middle of April, and we’re excited about being a part of this community,” Blitch told the council.

Meadowbrook plans to have a meeting at its church Monday night for an official vote on closing the church.

Blitch, who started First Baptist five years ago, said the move from Stephens City to Middletown was sparked by overcrowding in the church at 275 Double Toll Gate, White Post.

“Some of the founding members are here today,” he told the council. “We currently have around 200 that call themselves members of the church and there’s usually around 100 or several more each Sunday in that little chapel that barely holds 100.”

Meadowbrook can seat about 250, he said.

The suggestion of a community senior center also came up at Monday’s meeting.

“We want to be a part of the community,” Blitch said. “I believe that it’s always played a role in the church to be a vital part of any community. There’s plenty that we can do. We want to talk about having a place for the seniors to meet, perhaps other groups that may need a place to meet.”

“We want our church to be a place where people in the community can feel welcome at any time,” he continued.

“There’s many things that a church can be. First of all, it’s a place to come to know God, it’s a place to worship, but it’s also a place to come and be a part of the family, the fellowship and to be a part of the community, so we’re excited about that.”

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