Pet of the Week: Bailey rescued from cramped shed

By Alex Bridges

FRONT ROYAL — Bailey comes across as shy but warms up to people and plays well with other dogs, say workers at the Warren County Animal Shelter.

Kennel Director Marcy Gallo said Bailey responds well to food treats. Bailey snuggled up against Gallo and tried to take pieces of a hot dog from her hand.

“She’s really food-motivated,” Gallo said.

Bailey, a female of mixed breeds, is about 4 years old and weights approximately 35 pounds. Wrinkles in her face appear similar to a Shar Pei while other attributes resemble a retriever. Gallo classified Bailey as a medium-size dog.

“She has a great personality,” Gallo said. “She’s a little shy at first but once she gets to know you she’s really outgoing.

“She will probably bond really well with whomever adopts her,” Gallo added. “She’s very sweet.”

Gallo said Bailey might make a good agility dog if someone has an interest in a canine for that purpose.

Animal control deputies with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office removed Bailey and six other dogs from a situation where the canines appeared neglected, Gallo said. Bailey, an adult male and several puppies were found housed in a small shed at a home in the county. The dogs likely weren’t given proper, adequate care, and had to live in cramped quarters, she said.

“Where they came from, this was too many dogs,” Gallo said.

Authorities brought the dogs to the shelter in February. All dogs had a skin infection when they came to the shelter, Gallo said. The dogs’ skin infections have since been treated, Gallo said. The dogs have been available for a couple of weeks since the shelter treated the animals’ illnesses.

Most of the other dogs are likely related to Bailey.

“There’s one that looks exactly like her,” Gallo said. “There’s two that we suspect might have been her puppies, one we think maybe was the puppies’ dad. And then one looks like a black lab.”

The shelter has since adopted out one of the dogs but the others remain available. Gallo said the puppies are shier than Bailey and thus would need more work.

Bailey is not housebroken, likely because she did not live indoors, Gallo said. Bailey’s new owner may need “a little bit of patience and let her learn to trust them,” Gallo said.

“[Bailey] probably would do better in a quieter household,” Gallo said.

Anyone interested in adopting Bailey may contact the Humane Society of Warren County at 635-4734. Visit the shelter at 1245 Progress Drive, Front Royal, or go to www.humanesocietywarrencounty.org for more information.

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