Mount Jackson police investigate heroin overdose

Daily staff report

Mount Jackson police seized 11 items from a home on April 13 while conducting an investigation into a heroin overdose.

The items, seized during execution of a search warrant, included plastic baggies, foil, two hypodermic syringes, a white powder substance and a white rock-like substance, according to the search warrant inventory. The list also included a pump shotgun.

An affidavit accompanying the search warrant stated that police were called at about 10 p.m. April 12 to the Sheetz Travel Center at Conicville Boulevard to help during a medical emergency that authorities later determined to be a heroin overdose.

The patient, identified in another search warrant document as Mathew Alan Garcia, 25, with a “likely” address of 132 Shenell Drive, Mount Jackson, was taken to Rockingham Memorial Hospital, according to the affidavit.

While at Sheetz, a Mount Jackson police officer was told by Todd Earl Webb that he had been with Garcia “just prior to the reported incident, and that Garcia had reported using heroin” that day, according to the affidavit.

The officer, S.E. Sherfey, and Police Chief J.D. Fadley later spoke with Garcia in the hospital, the affidavit states. Sherfey and Fadley were told by Garcia told that he had obtained heroin from Mark Nathaniel Wilson who lives at the residence that was searched. Garcia said he obtained the drug after he and Webb met with Wilson a short distance away from the residence, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit states that the Garcia told Sherfey and Fadley that Webb had given him the drug through intravenous injection, lost consciousness and could not recall anything else until he had awakened.

The affidavit states Wilson is “commonly known to local law enforcement officers “ and that “he is currently on supervised probation for offenses substantially related to the conviction of distribution of (illegal) drugs and numerous property related offenses.”