Pet of the Week: Young beagle looks for loving lap

Clarke County Animal Shelter volunteer Cynthia Fairbanks, 13, holds a 1 1/2-year-old beagle named Gremlin. Josette Keelor/Daily

BERRYVILLE — Gremlin’s hunting career didn’t work out so well. Instead of chasing rabbits, he wanted to chase deer.

Now the 1 ½-year-old beagle is feeling the transition between hunting dog and house dog, and Clarke County Animal Shelter manager Jenny Wright recommends a loving, secure home for him.

“He doesn’t understand,” she said. “He is just running in circles, like ‘What do you want me to do?'”

He’s a sweet dog, she said, and he loves to be held in an animal lover’s lap. His ideal home will be quiet and have attentive owners who take the time to housebreak, leash train and reassure him.

“Normally your hunting dogs are, like, in packs and are usually kept outdoors, like in a barn. They’re not housebroken, stuff like that,” Wright said. “He’s a retired hunting dog, so the leash, the slick floors, anything that normal house dogs accept, he hasn’t learned to accept it yet.”

“Whoever adopts him is going to need patience,” she added.

As far as Wright knows, Gremlin gets along with cats, but other dogs at the shelter have overwhelmed him and she said a pairing with another beagle didn’t work out.

“They were just absolutely petrified of each other, but if there was a fence between them, they got along great, so I just don’t know,” she said. “I don’t know if other dogs are going to scare him back into a hole or if another dog would bring him out of his shell.”

“Sitting in the lap, he’s very comfortable,” she said. “He stops shivering, he stops shaking. He immediately turns into a lap dog.”

Clarke County Animal Shelter is located at 225 Ramsburg Lane, Berryville. For more information about Gremlin, call 540-955-5104.