H.L. Borden adds Husqvarna product line

By Ryan Cornell

STRASBURG — Now in its 102nd year in business, H.L. Borden Lumber and Hardware has decided to focus more on the latter half of its name.

Manager Elizabeth Stead said the store is shifting its direction from selling lumber to selling hardware and home goods.

“Building slowed down so the needs here in Strasburg are no longer building needs,” she said. “They’re remodeling needs, the weekend projects, that kind of stuff. So over this summer, we will be transitioning farther into that.”

Part of this transition includes the addition of a full line of Husqvarna products, which the business introduced last month.

“So far, everybody’s completely satisfied,” she said. “Most people were requesting it before we even got started.”

The new line offers products such as mowers, weed trimmers, chainsaw blades and a variety of other equipment.

“We’re trying to add more to the community,” Stead said. “And this is something that’s not offered by anyone else in the community, so it’s something that can enhance Strasburg because it’s right here.”

Husqvarna is a Sweden-based manufacturer of outdoor power tools, garden tractors, chainsaws, trimmers and tools for the construction industry. Although the brand stretches back to 1689, the company didn’t start producing lawn mowers until 1919 and chainsaws until 1959.

“We had opportunities to go with other tractor manufacturers, people, dealers, however you want to say it, but because of the quality of Husqvarna, that’s why we chose Husqvarna,” Stead said.

H.L. Borden plans to become an authorized Husqvarna dealer in the next few months, she said. To earn this distinction, she said the store has to carry a certain amount of Husqvarna products and employ a repair professional.

She said the business is partnering with Robbie’s Repair Shop, and people soon can take their warranty-covered Husqvarna equipment to be fixed.

The lumber and hardware store plans to add more product lines in the future, though Stead was reluctant to name which ones.

“There’s really no place in town to get everything, and we’re trying to move toward that,” she said. “That is the goal. We know what we need and where we need to go. It’s just which bus to drive to get there.”

H.L. Borden Lumber and Hardware will have a flatbed truck that will display some of its mowers in Strasburg’s MayFest parade .

  • Where: 385 E. King St., Strasburg
  • When: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday; 8 a.m. to noon Saturday; summer hours start June 1
  • Phone: 540-465-5111
  • Online: hlborden.com

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