Pet of the Week: Raised in a trailer park, Buford loves the outdoors

By Ryan Cornell

FRONT ROYAL — Buford might be missing part of an ear and half his right lip, but his full heart more than makes up for it.

The 7-year-old, 70-pound mixed hound, now a resident of the Humane Society of Warren County, spent most of his years at a local trailer park, where he lived a rough life and was attacked by another dog.

Larissa Wilson, canine kennel attendant at the shelter, said Buford was basically brought up as a wild dog.

“He never really had a home,” she said. “He just grew up in this trailer park, kind of just going from trailer to trailer, and people would lay out food for him.”

The man primarily taking care of Buford at the trailer park surrendered him to animal control. Buford was taken to the shelter, where he’s lived since December.

Despite the run-in that’s left Buford with permanent scars, Wilson said he’s friendly with other dogs and is gentle and calm.

“On a scale from 1 to 10, he’s a two,” she said, referring to his energy.

Michael Kerns, feline team leader at the humane society, said Buford is happiest when he’s outside and would best fit someone who enjoys being outdoors.

“He’d probably like a nice porch to lay on with something running around the yard to bark at,” he said, adding that Buford is relatively quiet compared to other hound dogs.

“He’s had a life,” Kerns said. “He could write a book if he could write.”

Anyone interested in adopting Buford can contact the Humane Society of Warren County at 635-4734. Visit the shelter at 1245 Progress Drive, Front Royal, or go to humanesocietywarrencounty.org for more information.

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