Valley website hopes to aid buyers in annual yard crawl

By Katie Demeria

A new website designed to cater to Shenandoah Valley businesses aims to make this year’s Route 11 Yard Crawl more efficient and buyer-friendly than ever.

The website, www.shenandoahvalleybusiness.com, is operated by Shri Henkel and Brooklyn Davis of Staunton. The two are offering online space for a monthly fee to promote businesses throughout the entire valley.

Davis said Shenandoahvalleybusiness.com provides a user-friendly page through which business owners can update their businesses on a regular basis, informing customers of sales or specialty items. She uses it for her own consignment shop, and said she is able to update customers about what is available in the store almost instantly.

That is exactly what people visiting an event like the Route 11 Yard Crawl could use, according to Davis.

This year, the 10th annual yard crawl is scheduled to take place on Aug. 9, according to a Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce news release.

Because it takes places over 43 miles of Route 11, Davis pointed out that some buyers looking for a particular item may have a hard time. That is why she and Henkel are hoping that www.shenandoahvalleybusiness.com could make everything easier.

“You don’t have to wade through all those miles, you can more easily get to the items you’re looking for,” she said.

Those hosting yard sales during the crawl can make a page and update prospective buyers about what they have available.

“People are becoming more educated when they’re buying now — they’re becoming educated shoppers,” Davis said. “They’re looking for that edge.”

The seller can update his or her page when a particular item is sold, and let other buyers know what specials they may be offering or any price changes made during the event.

“They can go in, create a listing, and it just walks you through it, easy, step-by-step,” Davis said. “You can do it on your phone or you computer, you can add pictures and descriptions, and put a Map Quest link in there so they can find exactly where you are.”

The website does not require a third party to update content for the seller, Davis added. Everything is easy and user friendly, so sellers can directly adjust the content on their pages as soon as an item is sold.

Shenandoahvalleybusiness.com is in its beginning stages, but it is already operational. Business owners can create an account and post information about their website for a $25 monthly fee. There is no contract included, Davis added, so sellers can choose to sign up for just one month at a time — including August, the month of the yard crawl.

Anyone with questions about the website can contact Davis at 540-476-0500 or Henkel at 540-466-4699.

Contact staff writer Katie Demeria at 540-465-5137 ext. 155, or kdemeria@nvdaily.com