New doughnut shop takes healthy twist

By Katie Demeria

STRASBURG — Looking for a nutritious snack? Try a doughnut.

Holy Moly Donuts Opened Monday after an electricity malfunction pushed the grand opening date back a few days. Owners Jung Lee and Jung Kim are introducing a doughnut that may surprise Strasburg residents.

The shop sells potato doughnut, with selections ranging from dark chocolate sea salt to Machipongo sweet potato ginger glaze. They are not the cake-like baked goods that most can find at traditional American doughnut shops.

“Our doughnut is very, very special,” Jung Lee said.

Jung Lee is an acupuncturist and pays special attention to health and how food can heal the body. Many of the shop’s offerings can help with certain ailments.

The ginseng doughnut, which will only be offered occasionally, is a natural immune booster. And the bean curd, tofu, black sugar doughnut is especially good for those experiencing digestive problems.

The shop will offer 12 to 13 kinds of doughnut every day, with some changing depending on what the couple, who will be the only two working in the shop, has made that week.

Some are seasonal, such as the Demetrio: Goddess of Harvest, a pumpkin doughnut, and berry symphony, which contains fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Jung Lee and his wife Jung Kim moved to Strasburg late last year. When asked why they chose the area, Jung Lee said he was not sure why, but he expects “a lot of good things.”

The couple said potato doughnut are similar to those eaten in Korea, but rather different than those offered in America.

Their doughnut are made with real mashed potatoes, and they use pure cane sugar, unbleached flour and canola oil.

“We use no fake colors, the only color comes from fruit,” Jung Lee said. “Absolutely no artificial colors.”

Though they are bringing a different type of doughnut to the area, Jung Lee and Jung Kim are still using Virginia ingredients. The Machipongo sweet potato ginger glaze doughnut comes from the small town of Machipongo in Northampton County on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Jung Lee travels to the area every year, where he purchases sweet potatoes from a farmer operating there, then uses them for the doughnuts.

“It is very delicious,” Jung Lee said.

While he is starting his work in the area as a shop owner, Jung Lee ultimately wants to bring some of his medical training to Strasburg, as well.

He eventually wants to start offering acupuncture for free, once his business starts running smoothly. He has been able to offer it in the past, but said he feels guilty charging his patients for his services, since many insurance providers do not offer coverage.

Acupuncture can help people with various ailments, according to Jung Lee, including diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and immune diseases.

“It is very good, very effective,” he said of acupuncture. “It is important to help people.”

Contact the shop by visiting its 318 E. King Street location or call 540-465-1555.

Contact staff writer Katie Demeria at 540-465-5137 ext. 155, or kdemeria@nvdaily.com