Pet of the Week: Dexter fully recovered, looking for good home

By Brad Fauber

FRONT ROYAL — Dexter the cat was in pretty rough shape when he arrived at the Humane Society of Warren County back on April 28.

Dexter, a domestic medium hair male who was discovered in a humane trap by local animal control, arrived at the animal shelter with a torn up and badly infected paw pad on his rear left foot, and looked like a cat that had spent its life in the wild.

“He looked pretty bad. He had a pretty badly beat up left foot and he had to go to the vet for that,” said Michael Kerns, feline team leader at the Humane Society of Warren County. “As far as how it happened, it’s completely unknown to us. It could’ve been anything. Only he really knows.

“We thought he was just a scraggly old feral, outside cat when he came in,” Kerns added, “but he turned out to be friendly.”

Dexter spent about six weeks recuperating from his injuries, but he is now completely healthy and looking for a good home.

Dexter, whom Kerns estimated to be about 3 years old, is still waiting to fully regrow his coat of sandy brown and white fur that was trimmed down in order to successfully repair his injuries, but the cat’s spirits are as lively as ever.

“He’s a very affectionate boy,” Kerns said. “Sometimes he even demands it. He’ll reach out and grab your hand sometimes. Just a friendly guy, laid back — a lap cat, kind of.”

Kerns added that a perfect fit for Dexter wouldn’t be that hard to find.

“He’s pretty adaptable. He could probably been in a couple different situations, from the quiet homes to probably even the more chaotic ones with kids and other animals, that kind of thing,” Kerns said.

Dexter has been neutered since arriving at the animal shelter, thanks to the help from a public sponsor, and has been given his distemper and rabies vaccinations. He has also been de-wormed and picked clean of fleas, Kerns said.

The adoption fee for Dexter is currently just $9, as the Humane Society of Warren County is holding its “9 Lives for $9” adoption promotion, which runs through Sunday. The adoption fee after that is $15.

Anyone interested in adopting Dexter can contact the Humane Society of Warren County by calling 540-635-4734, or by visiting the shelter’s website at humanesocietywarrencounty.org.