Shenandoah County trash day now Wednesday

By Ryan Cornell

If you were one of many Shenandoah County residents who woke up Wednesday morning forgetting to take out the trash, you were not alone.

The towns of New Market, Mount Jackson, Woodstock and Strasburg conducted their first trash day Wednesday with American Disposal Services, which is contracted to collect trash and refuse in those towns for the next three years.

New Market Town Manager Mike Ritchie said a notice was included in the newsletter and a mailer was sent out to remind residents that trash day would be moved from Tuesdays to Wednesdays.

Still, old habits die hard.

“A few people had apparently not gotten the word, and there was some trash out yesterday,” Ritchie said on Wednesday. “But I figure it will be a much easier transition having it picked up the following day rather than the previous day.”

New Market’s contract with the firm is for curbside trash pickup only and does not include recycling.

“There were a couple of calls where trash had been missed, but it’s no problem; the contractor is following back up,” he said. “It will take them a little while to learn our town.”

Strasburg residents no longer have to wait until Friday to dispose of their trash.

Town Manager Judson Rex said reminders were sent out through social media pages, newsletters and an automated message to all the landline phone numbers in town.

“It’s been a hot topic around the office today,” Rex said on Wednesday afternoon. “I would say things are going pretty well with some bumps in the road as expected.”

He guessed that about 80 percent of residents remembered to take out their trash on Wednesday morning.

“They first started at 7 a.m., four trash trucks went through every street twice, making sure things folks had put out got collected,” he said. “The plan was if they came across someone who had still put their trash out and it had not been collected, the recycling folks would put it in their truck and sort it later at their facility.”

American Disposal Services, based in Manassas, proposed the lowest rates out of the bids submitted in April. Other firms that submitted bids included Waste Management, Evergreen Waste Management and Long Enterprises LLC, which was previously contracted with the towns.

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