Amateur eaters compete at fair

By Ryan Cornell

CLEAR BROOK — A group of Frederick County fairgoers channeled their inner Kobayashi during the fair’s apple pie eating contest on Thursday night.

Ranging in age from 4 to 25, nine contestants raced against the clock to scarf down as many slices of apple, peach, strawberry, cherry, blueberry and lemon pie — each with a scoop of vanilla ice cream — as humanly possible within seven minutes.

While some competitors wolfed down their slices in a hurry, stacking up empty plates like “Man v. Food” stars, others, like Miss Frederick County Fair Bailey McKee, 16, and Tiny Miss Frederick County Fair Madison Thacker, 4, took single spoonfuls and wiped their mouths with napkins to appear prim and proper.

At the end of the hunger games, Ben Tintaya, 21, won $15 for polishing off seven plates, and McKenna Kendrick, 19, placed second with five pieces of pie a la mode, winning $5.

Kendrick returned to the pie eating table after a sluggish performance competing as Miss Frederick County Fair in 2011.

“When I did it that year I only ate one piece because I was trying to be dainty,” she said. “So I decided this year, I haven’t eaten dinner, so why not?”

Although she admitted she’s never eaten as many as five slices of pie before, she isn’t a stranger to competitive eating. She said she once ate seven slider burgers in 10 minutes for a contest held at the Snow White Grill.

Tintaya had his mind set on eating seven plates of pie a la mode from the very beginning, and that’s exactly how many he conquered.

This might be the first competitive eating contest he’s ever entered, but his stomach seems to know no bounds.

“My girlfriend calls me a pig,” he said.

It’s not hard to imagine what seven slices of pie and seven scoops of ice cream might do to a stomach, and after the contest, he said he felt pretty stuffed.

“Around the sixth pie [I felt full], but I just said I gotta keep on going,” he said.

He said he plans to spend the $15 toward gas.

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