Energetic Babette seeks person of her own

By Katie Demeria

EDINBURG — Babette, a 10-month-old female puppy, is short, and probably will not grow much larger than her current 30 pounds. But what she lacks in size she makes up for in energy.

The heeler, or Australian Cattle Dog mix, was dropped off at the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter around the beginning of August as a stray, according to animal caretaker Renee Good.

Babette is a very inquisitive, curious dog, according to Good, and responds well to the people around her.

“Look at her, whenever we talk, her ears move toward us,” Good pointed out. “She’s listening.”

In need of a home that could provide a lot of activity, Babette would do well as a daily jogging partner or for someone interested in getting into sports like agility, frisbee or flyball, according to Good.

While her excessive energy may make her seem like a handful, Good said Babette is very food-motivated and eager to please — she would be relatively easy to train, so long as her new owner put in the effort.

“She needs plenty of room to run,” Good said.

Babette is friendly toward people and dogs, a trait that some dogs, according to Good, are not always happy about. While she is never aggressive, Babette needs to be socialized and introduced to other dogs in a controlled environment so she is not too pushy when trying to play.

But Babette does get along with the younger volunteers, Good pointed out, so she would probably do well with older kids.

“I’m surprised she’s been here this long,” Good said. “She tries so hard when people take her out to look at her. She really wants a person of her own.”

To find out more about Babette, visit the shelter at 268 Landfill Road, Edinburg, or call 540-984-8955.

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