Homeowners blast duplex plan

By Ryan Cornell

EDINBURG — Residents of the Edinburg Square subdivision spoke out against the proposed Phase II plans at the town’s public hearing on Tuesday.

The second phase proposes using 28 residential lots to create 44 lots that would allow for the construction and sale of 22 duplexes. The subdivision, located in northern Edinburg, had initially been drafted as consisting of single family homes.

Homeowners in Phase I opposed the plan, and said they were led to believe the lots would only be used for single family homes when they purchased their homes.

Ryan Richmond said he was told there would only be a certain percentage of duplexes allowed in the remaining lots.

“And so now, there’s going to be duplexes in that entire phase, and I can tell you what, you’re going to have a tough time getting this through because there’s going to be a lot of people challenging it in our neighborhood,” he said. “I can tell you right now, nobody wants to see this happen.”

Brad Pollack agreed, adding that there’s no authority in Edinburg’s town code to replat a subdivision.

“We all bought lots in this subdivision based on the existing plats and the restrictive covenants,” he said. “And now you all just think you can willy-nilly change the whole makeup of the community when it was clearly for single family homes only.”

He said that by changing the zoning, Town Council is taking away the individual property rights of homeowners.

“In your dream world of bringing money to the town, all’s well and good — it may be good for the town as a whole, but you gotta look out for the rights of the homeowners there and I promise you there is nobody that wants to increase the traffic for 44 duplex [lots] there,” Pollack said.

Paul Blacet said he doesn’t support the duplexes either, but opposed the plan for a different reason.

He said he was concerned about multiple-sized duplexes being proposed.

“If they had to be there, it would at least appear that they should all be the same size,” he said. “If the lots have to be restructured, they should all accommodate the same size duplex, the 1,500-square-foot duplex, instead of piecemealing a bunch of small stuff in there.”

Hearing these comments, Town Council approved postponing a decision on the proposed subdivision until next month.

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