Registrars need election officers

By Alex Bridges

Area voter registrars say they need people to work the polls in the Nov. 4 election.

Frederick County General Registrar of Voters Rick Miller plans to hold a drive Wednesday to recruit officers of election. The drive, also for voter registration, will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the student union building at Lord Fairfax Community College, 173 Skirmisher Lane, Middletown.

Frederick County has fewer than the 180 election officers the registrar’s office desires, Miller said Friday. The office pays $25 for attending the mandatory training session and $125 to work all of Election Day, from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Anyone registered to vote in Virginia can serve as an officer of election.

Shenandoah County General Registrar Lisa McDonald said her department also has difficulty finding enough officers. In some voting precincts in Shenandoah County, the Electoral Board does not have enough appointed officers to staff the upcoming election, McDonald said. The board’s recruitment efforts continue.

The Electoral Board has reached out to the public to recruit officers while McDonald has advised people about the photo ID requirements for the upcoming election. McDonald and the board have spoken to the Strasburg and Edinburg Lions Clubs, and the Shenandoah Democratic Women. They plan to speak to the Woodstock Rotary Club on Sept. 17.

Warren County General Registrar Carol Tobin said her office has been conducting recruitment drives for election officers for years. Information about becoming an election officer is available on her office’s website. Tobin has notices posted at the library and other places about the need for officers.

Tobin said she reaches out to civic groups or talks to residents in retirement communities about registration. Tobin doesn’t hold registration drives outside her office. Such drives must be held in public places. Her office’s central location in Front Royal makes it as convenient as any place, Tobin said. The office would hold a registration drive if asked to do so by a group but the event would have to be open to the public, she said.

Voters now have the option to register online, Tobin pointed out. But she remains open to talking to any groups about registration.

Even with the online option, Frederick County continues to host registration drives for people who want to do so in person. At the Frederick County drive, new voters can complete, sign and date their Virginia voter registration applications during the drive. The registrar’s office processes the applications and mails new voter cards. Registered voters who have moved recently should fill out new voter applications to update their information.

Oct. 14 to register to vote or update current information
Oct. 28 to apply for a mailed, absentee ballot
Nov. 1 to vote by absentee ballot in person

For more information contact:
Frederick County
Rick Miller, general registrar of voters
107 N. Kent Street, Suite 102, Winchester, VA 22601


Shenandoah County
Lisa McDonald, general registrar of voters
600 N. Main St., Suite 103, Woodstock, VA 22664


Warren County
Carol Tobin, general registrar of voters
220 N. Commerce Ave., Suite 700, Front Royal, Virginia 22630


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