Sweet, skittish Snoopy looks for friendly family

By Josette Keelor

BERRYVILLE — Snoopy might have a famous name, but the 2-year-old Chihuahua mix wants anything other than fame or excitement.

He enjoys long walks on a leash, but in contrast to his namesake prefers to sleep indoors.

A couch potato in his own right, Snoopy will fit in best beside older, settled, quiet owners with a TV and some squeaky toys, said Jenny Wright, manager of the Clarke County Animal Shelter, 225 Ramsburg Lane, Berryville.

“As his trick, he knows to sit and howl at the end of ‘Wheel of Fortune,'” Wright said.

Snoopy came to the shelter on July 28. His former owner described him as “a bit nippy,” Wright explained.

“He’s so gentle a kid can walk him,” Wright said. But running and screaming will probably scare him, she said. A house with young children is probably not the right one for him.

Though he shies away from new people, his tail starts wagging when he sees someone friendly he recognizes.

“He’s a bit skittish meeting people, but he’s super duper nice,” Wright said. “He’ll crawl right up into your lap and snuggle.”

On a recent morning, he watched curiously but quietly as shelter cat Cricket walked past him, and Wright said he gets along with other shelter dogs, particularly a terrier named Bingo.

“Him and Bingo are best friends,” Wright said.

Snoopy is neutered and is current on vaccines against rabies and DHLPPC, which includes distemper. He’s also house trained and recently received a dose of flea medication.

Snoopy looks a little big for his breed. Most Chihuahuas are half his size, and Wright said he might have been overfed a little or might be crossed with another breed such as a beagle.

Earlier this year, the shelter had difficulty adopting out animals that were passed over again and again by visitors looking for younger pets. For now, all that has changed.

“Our old ones who have been here for awhile are all gone, dogs and cats,” Wright said. “We’ve been doing really good so far.”

But that doesn’t mean their new charges don’t need good, loving homes.

The shelter’s cat population is about average for this time of year, Wright said — “I think we’re up to 68 right now.” Many of them are kittens or pregnant cats due to give birth soon.

With close to 15 dogs, she said, “[They] are kind of not as bad as they could be.”

“We’ve had worse years, where we were at, like, 30 dogs,” Wright said, “and that’s a lot for us.”

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