Lively Farrah seeks active family

By Ryan Cornell

WINCHESTER — Farrah is one of those canines who always sees the dog bowl as half-full.

The 2- to 4-year-old boxer-pit mix is seldom without a wide smile and a wagging tail, whether she’s pacing back and forth waiting for her turn in the yard or meeting other dogs with an unbridled curiosity.

A longtime resident of Frederick County’s Esther L. Boyd Animal Shelter, the medium-sized Farrah first arrived at the shelter in April as a stray.

Kamryn Dixon, a caretaker at the shelter, said she plays a type of mind game with the dogs that involves a wooden box with holes and hidden treats. Before long, Farrah was able to figure the game out.

“It took her like a minute or two to realize that, ‘Hey, if I pick it up and flip it upside down, they’ll fall out,'” Dixon said.

Dale Sigler, who volunteers at the shelter by walking and training the dogs, said Farrah knows the commands for “sit,” “down,” “roll over” and handshake.”

“She’s not so hot on ‘stay,’ but she’s a good watch — you go like this,” he said, holding his hand up, “and bam, her eyes are right on you.”

He said Farrah’s energetic nature would fit well with an active family.

“If someone is a runner, she would be perfect because, I mean, I take her for a walk and she’s pulling me almost the whole time,” he said.

Sigler shared Farrah’s “favorite pastime,” a process he referred to as “the dying cricket.”

“She flops on her back and wiggles back and forth, doing a shimmy, with her legs up in the air waving and her mouth wide open and it’s like, ‘I’m in heaven,'” he said. “Usually, it’s when she’s found some type of scent.

Boxers are a very entertaining breed because they stay goofy until they go into the regal phase, he added. “They are very easy to spoil because they are such sweet dogs.”

Farrah is spayed and is up-to-date on her rabies and distemper shots. The cost to adopt her is $30.

The Esther L. Boyd Animal Shelter is located at 161 Fort Collier Road in Winchester. For more information, contact the shelter at 540-667-9192 or shelter@fcva.us.

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